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CCK guys. Do any of you guys remember a guy named------


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While at CCK one of the most pain in the ass things I remember was doing something on top of the airplane and seeing way off in the distance one or two guys walking the flight-line with white coveralls on! You knew QC was on the flightline and you had better get all of your ground wires in order etc. etc. Of course the most feared QC inspector of all was a guy named "Pineapple" (I assumed he was Hawaiian) always tried to stay one step ahead of him. Us guys who spent a lot of time in Viet Nam really had to worry as we basically didn't have any quality control there and got used to not having things like LOX pans, gloves, etc.

I never did know Pineapple's real name or don't remember it, but I got to know him on a hop back to the states on a C-141. He was almost human!!

Do any of you guys remember him?? I was at CCK in 69 and 70!!


PS Is that what QA is now???

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Good to hear from you. Richard Gregorio was with E-Flight as long as I was with them. He knew a lot of guys from the old Naha 21th E-flight group and EVERYBODY called him "Pineapple cause he came from Hawaii. I don't know if he did some time inQC.

My wife and I just came back from Wash DC Taiwan Embassy's 100yr double Ten celebration. We represented 823 badge of HonorTaiwan Vets. There were a lot of former Taiwan and american military there. This goes to show that WE HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN about Taiwan and the American Military that was there to assist in Taiwan's defense.

There are two groups visiting Taiwan Oct and Nov 2011 . Taiwan Vets group and then Taiwan Air Station Vets group. They will be visiting former Taiwan/American Bases including CCK.

See You

Vince / EFLTatCCK

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