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  1. You know, I hadn't thought of or even paid any attention to the missing external tanks on 62-1804. Now, I am confused! All of the pics I have in my gallery show external tanks on my plane. Also they are on the plane later on in the pics of it at Little Rock. I think I remember the external tanks being removed from the A models at Naha due to bullet holes! I am going to have to check with Steve Mudge or Dennis Guinane who were good friends (and still are) while at CCK. I think they would know. 62-1804 was the only plane at CCK I ever flew with (lived on it), & you would think I would remember why it didn't have external tanks! That's going to drive me nuts until I can figure it out! I got out of the AF on Jan 4th, 1971 at Dover and went back to Montana. I made E-5 in Dec. and was planning on re-enlisting but when they wouldn't promise me a reprieve from another trip to South Viet Nam, I decided 33 months over there was enough. Bill were you at Hill with Larry Hinch? There were several guys from Dover that ended up there. Thanks for the reply, Ken PS I had a lot of fun at Dover----in spite of having to work on those C-133's!
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    Sitting on a table behind Bks. 336 CCKAB Taiwan 1969 Dennis Guinane, Ken Carlson. Peter McPheters & ??
  3. Mt.crewchief


    1804 ready to go-----as usual
  4. Mt.crewchief


    Nav. Table on 62-1804
  5. Mt.crewchief


    1804 parked in with other birds.
  6. Mt.crewchief


    My old bird 62-1804 at Little Rock
  7. Msgt Andrew Haskell 35th flight chief..Ssgt Bromley left and behind. Sgt Dan Lafferty right rear
  8. Jeff, I remember that big move well. I was at CRB with my plane and the big swap was going to take place in typical military order with a little class. All of our E's were getting ready to start up and leave in a controlled order. It might have been a cool thing, but I missed it! We were ready to go and I was on the ground cord and we were going through the checklist and when it came to checking the props neither my #2 or #3 would feather! Anyway, 62-1804, along with me and my assistant, John Chase got left behind. While we were waiting for new E-Model props, the A's had returned. It was like a home -coming in a way, because both John and I had gotten consecutive overseas tours from Naha to CCK. The guy running the dispatch truck took care of us was a former dispatch truck driver we both knew well at Naha. We had checked out of Herky Hill and basically were no longer attached to anybody! I think it was a little more than a week before new props came in from CCK. I think it was my last trip to Viet Nam due to my DEROS date and I never got to go to check out Saigon! I think the time was in maybe April or May 70. Oh, the dispatch driver was a good friend from Naha . Tsgt Ruffin ! He made sure John and I were well taken care of since technically we weren't there! I think there are pictures of 1804 missing two props in my gallery! Thanks for bringing up a good(?) memory. Ken
  9. Dennis, welcome to the forum. I kind of figured there were no new "old " guys left. Your dates kind of coincide with my idea when Herky Hill was built! Now, another question. I spent many days and nights living at Herky Hill through June 1970. First with A models from Naha and then with E models from CCK. For some reason, I can't remember when the Herky Hootch (the bar) was built. Also, how about the officers quarters and club? It seemed like almost every time I returned to CRB and the Hill, there was something new and different, Also, the chow hall appeared during my time there. I do remember the rest room at the Herky Hootch bar. Remember it was a 50 gal drum in the sand. (maybe some structure around it). I also remember a guy stepping in to where it was moved from previously. Of course it was unmarked, ---but very soft and wet----not water by the way.! Anyway, if you or any of you other guys still around, can add to this subject, it would be good for some memory jogging. Again Dennis , happy to have you, Ken
  10. I guess nobody noticed the rat running up the crew steps!๐Ÿ˜ Just sayin, Ken
  11. Bill, I just experienced an "I didn't know that" moment. I didn't know that there were E-model gunships ever! I guess I just assumed they were all A's at Ubon until the war ended! The last time I was at Ubon was while I was stationed at CCK and was at Ubon for a "down & back" in 1970 . I had a good friend die when Warlord was shot down in 1970. That was an "A model wasn't it? Anyway, now I know something I didn't know before today! Thanks for the info, Ken
  12. Glad to hear you guys are doing well. So far my county in Montana hasn't had any cases, but my wife and I (both elderly)๐Ÿ˜ƒ, are playing by the rules and getting to know each other! We are painting the whole interior of the house and getting ready for a new floor. I hope this virus is over by gardening season.Usually mid-May. Ken
  13. Just a short Welcome Home guys. Ken
  14. Thanks, Jeff & Sonny, I am always happy to hear from you old guys. So far it appears our memories are intact. I think! Sonny, I was really looking forward to one of your birthday cakes. Oh well, maybe next year!๐Ÿ™‚ I do think we still need a " This day's/month's birthdays" posting like in the old days-----remember them? Thanks again for remembering, Ken
  15. That's a good one Sonny. I had never heard of a Lexophile. Ken
  16. Hey Lee, thanks for remembering. I hope you are doing well! Am I forgetting your birthday? It seems to me your birthday is the same day as Chris(tinwhistle)! So-----Happy Birthday Lee! Feb. 8!! Ken
  17. I remember being in awe of you Loadmasters hustling around all over the cargo compartment putting on and tightening straps while I was thinking I was helping you while trying to make one strap work! I got better as time went on, but I learned to stay out of your way when in-country and time was of essence! I have been wanting to say that for a long time! Ken
  18. Neat Christmas Card, Sonny. and I hope all of you C-130 guys and gals have a Merry Christmas . Ken
  19. Sonny, thanks. I found a place today that knows just what I want, and what they would cost each. Of course they haven't seen the booklet yet! The best part is there is no minimum order. I will let you know when I see them again. Probably next week. There is some funny but true things that I had forgotten about in that booklet. I remember now that I should have read the book before I ever went down town!๐Ÿ˜€ Bug me if you think I am dragging my feet! I do have a developing case of CRS. Ken
  20. Hope all of you have a nice Thanksgiving Day. And many more! Ken
  21. I remember when that happened. By that time I was at CCK but I think I was on a CRB input when I heard about it. It brings back old memories doesn't it? Makes me remember the 40 missions I was on the year before at that same month, and not even worrying about one of those 37's or 57's ever hitting us. Almost nightly. Being young and dumb helped though.๐Ÿ˜€ That old bird lived a long time and flew a lot of miles/hours before that night though. Ken
  22. Sonny, I will see what can be done to make more copies. You know, it can be done, but the question is the minimum number of copies! And at what cost. Don't be afraid to remind me, I have a bad habit of thinking I can do anything----now! Have a nice Thanksgiving, Ken
  23. I know, I know, I have mentioned this booklet several or more times over the years. Anyway, I finally found it and made a copy of the front and back covers. I am not able to copy the inside pages without taking all of it apart. So, here is what it looked like, and I guess I must have bought it at a BX on base. Probably the Flightline BX. All of the book doesn't pertain to all of us, but I am willing to bet it will bring back memories. If any of you guys have a good way of putting together some more books, let me know. The two pictures I am posting are just the front and back of the book. I have been calling it the Naminoue Capers incorrectly! Let me know if you have one of these. I Can't be the only one can I? Thanks for looking, Ken
  24. Now wait a minute! I served my time (18 months) at Naha, before I got a consecutive overseas tour to CCK (15 months.) Without a leave also.! Thirty three months of "you numbah ten GI" . Barry (f4enut) knows what he is talking about---The 21st. was okay, but the 35th had superior personnel. Although I am still jealous of Sonny for being able to go AWOL in South Viet Nam with the Navy. And he got away with it!!! Sonny, if you get the time, re-tell that story. With pictures! You know I wish we had all known each other when we were there! Oh well, it looks like we all still have our memories and are able to share them. I do know I would do it all over again. Take care , Ken
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    Our Blind Bat birds had a 400mm starlight night vision scope mounted on a chair in the right para-troop door. One of us was always sitting in that chair looking for trucks and other activity on the Ho Chi Minh trail. If enemy activity was spotted we called in air strikes and stayed on station and flared the targets so the fighters could see them. This picture is one I took through the scope of a fire ? on a river.
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