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APU door actuator

Herk Jerk

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Does anybody know the airspeed limitation for flying with an inoperative APU door actuator stuck in the full open position, 35 degrees. If so please let me know reference.

I know for annual FCF's APU's are checked at 20,000' and max of 200 knots, but door is only opened to 15 degrees in flight.


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Some food for thought.....I read a service bulletin about the APU, found it on here a while ago.....mentioned the 15 versus 35 was for airflow, ie the 15 restricted it so it wouldn't flame out.

And...now that I'm thinking about it....how would you know if the APU door went to 35 in flight?

Imagine the concern is with the door getting ripped off??

edit....here ya go, found the article


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