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  1. Fritz, Thanks for the info. Thought it might be one of your company's birds. Sounds like an interesting shoot. Last time I was into Norton was circa 1980.
  2. OK which 'A' model has a cameo scene in this movie? Great movie!
  3. What altitude did this occur at? APU's may not start above 20K
  4. Bob, I used Google Earth and looked all around North Island NAS and don't see a Herk anywhere. I located where 1832 & 1836 are parked at AMARG. I'm thinking maybe the Herk at Harvey Point could be 1791.
  5. Bob, that Herk setting at Harvey Point is definitely an ABCCC aircraft. It has the chiller boxes and the wing HF antenna, you can also see the UARRSI receptacle. Would be interesting to know which tail #. Notice it has no propellers installed.
  6. Bill, you're correct on this being an ABCCC bird. However those things that appear to be sticking out from the leading edge are in fact HF antenna's. They're mounted on the outer wing stations used for mounting fuel tanks, and other such things.
  7. C-130A; 124,200 lbs - 135,000 max EWP (Emergency War Planning)
  8. If you're watching the Superbowl - #69 for the Seahawks is Clinton McDonald, son of retired Flight Engineer Larry McDonald. Ya just gotta be a Seahawks fan tonight!!
  9. Casey, The chiller box intakes on the side of the fuselage look a little low. They're just a bit higher than the picture shows. Nice print!
  10. ACL – Allowable Cargo Load, ACC-Air Combat Command, ARA – Airborne Radar Approach, APN59 – Weather Radar, DEROS – Date Estimated Rotate Overseas, ETIC-Estimated Time in Commission, JSOC – Joint Special Operations Command, PAR – Precision Approach Radar, MAC – Military Airlift Command, HERK – Hostile Environment Repair Kit, UARRSI – Universal Aerial Refueling Receptacle Slipway Installation In defense of GACGuy’s post about being able to discharge a fire extinguisher bottle without a Fire Handle pulled is not entirely false – On early A Model’s this was the case, but on B’s, E’s and H’s the Fire handle has to be pulled to power the agent discharge switch.
  11. I can think of other terms but that's a nice way of saying it Bob
  12. Future acquisitions (AMC) J's at the Rock will just be assigned to the 19th AW not to each Squadron.
  13. USAF Colonel, (Ret) Jerry Figgins passed away of cancer they found back in June. Colonel Figgins was the 61st TAS Commander, 1979-1980 and a Lockheed Martin Instructor for many years after his Air Force retirement. The viewing/visitation is Saturday 1000-1100 at Powell Funeral Home, West Beebe Capps Blvd., Searcy, Arkansas. Funeral services at 1100 at the Funeral Home. His request was that instead of flowers, that we consider the less fortunate children that Jerry always tried to help. The Searcy Children's home was his favorite charity and so he wanted us to care by donating to this children's home.
  14. Accident Investigation Board has been formed at LRF this week. Accident occured at LZ Shank.
  15. Beta lights are on AF89-1051 and up, lights located next to the torque gauge/right side
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