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  1. We have this aircraft with APU start normally on ground but unable to start in Flight. The APU intake door opened to 15 degrees, rpm goes to 30 percent but no rise in EGT. Failed air test thrice. In the course of fault isolation, we have changed out the no.2 aux touchdown relay, door control relay, door closed control relay, ignition unit, fuel control unit, and APU door actuator. Have anyone out there had this experience and know what is the problems. We have decided to change out the APU. But what if it happen again.
  2. we have encountered this on one of aircraft. Found the terminal stud at the AC generator loose and intermittent.
  3. We have experience a few incident of LH Aux FQI went to off-scale LOW on two aircraft. When open tank and found the Fuel Qty Compensator cracked and dislodged. Subsequent check found the bladder cell actually collapse as the strings tie the cell to the structure have given way. Have anyone experience this. Can the Aux Tank pump pressure caused the problem when the tank is empty ie. the pump running.
  4. Thanks for your help. I am awares of these part number. I am hoping to find other leather gloves (ie part number) that are use by other C130 operators.
  5. The thermal glove that we are using for LOX servicing the C130 cannot withstand the coldness of the LOX. We could feel the frost bite. We are looking for the part number of a good leather glove that is commended for LOX servcing. Thanks for any help.
  6. Try doing a insulation resistance between pin A and B of the Fuel shut off valve actuator (Geneva Loc) wiring connector plug, P18. They should not breakdown as one of the pin goes to OPEN and the other to CLOSE the fuel to the engine. We have encounter breakdown at the LH engine harness distribution box connector plug.
  7. The part numbers was listed in the old C130 HQ before. The part number all start with 20_______. I had copy them but now cannot find.
  8. I am looking for the part number of the circuit breaker cap. There are many color and is fitted to the circuit breaker head. Thanks for any help.
  9. I am looking for the part number of the rubber SEALS for the PRESSURE TEST ADAPTER KIT, RMT P/N: 884FY-23 manufactured by ROSEMOUNT. These seals (I think there are qty 2) inside the Pressure Test Adapter to separate the Static port 1, Static port 2 and Pressure port. This pressure test adapter kit is use for checking the Pitot/Static Tube of H2 aircraft model (I think 5070 and above series). I appreciate anyone using the similar set can help me with the part number and or which company where I can buy the spare. My test adapter kit is leaking. Thanks in advance.
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