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I have done some work on the list of airlift/C-130 related books I have had on the Internet for some time at www.sammcgowan.com/books.html. If possible, I've added a link to a particular book on Amazon so you can easily order them. Incidentally, I've found a few that I wasn't aware of before. I'll be adding new books as I learn about them. If anyone knows of any I've not listed, please drop me an Email at [email protected] and I'll add it.

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Hello Sam. I'm trying to find a copy of a book (booklet) that I possesed in the early 80's on the C130. I moved several times since then and lost the book somehow. If memory serves me it was written and published in England. What's so important to me now is I'm trying to finish the design of a 1/12 scale model. That book contained a two page spread of airfoil and fuselage profiles. I have the whole plane designed (98%) scale except for the aft section fuselage from FS737 to 1041.5. The engineering drawings that now reside with the Smithsonian in D.C. do not include them. A number of microfiche rolls were lost

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