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  1. Thank you. Just what I needed.
  2. Hope you can help with this question. Is the extra 15' in the J model split evenly fore and aft?
  3. Thanks again Tiny. You've been a great help getting me thru this. It just couldn't be 22".
  4. The Blue Book shows the nose wheels to be 1'10" outside to outside. I can't make that work in my scale. Correct distance would be much appreciated.
  5. What is the diameter of the nose wheel tire? When the outer wing was redesigned were the airfoils changed? Thanks.
  6. I'm trying to finish the plans for an R/C scale model. All I need now is the width of the fuselage at CL. The BlueBook gives me just about everything but that. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  7. I have the wrong email address for Bob Tassie. Help please.
  8. Thanks for the info. I found what I was looking for in a Warpaint Series No. 5..
  9. I don't have a book by David Reed. Will try to find it. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Sam. I'll see what's available I don't already have.
  11. Hello Sam. I'm trying to find a copy of a book (booklet) that I possesed in the early 80's on the C130. I moved several times since then and lost the book somehow. If memory serves me it was written and published in England. What's so important to me now is I'm trying to finish the design of a 1/12 scale model. That book contained a two page spread of airfoil and fuselage profiles. I have the whole plane designed (98%) scale except for the aft section fuselage from FS737 to 1041.5. The engineering drawings that now reside with the Smithsonian in D.C. do not include them. A number of microfiche rolls were lost
  12. Do any of the books show a sample of the Flight Station bulkheads of the tail end (FS737 - FS1041.5)? Not all of them but just a few samples?
  13. Can anyone tell me what airfoil is used on the horizontal stabilizer of H model? I'm designing an R/C model as close to scale as I can get. I have a set of engineering drawings from the Smithsonian but the don't give the designation. It looks like a NACA2212 inverted.
  14. Hello Tiny. How long have you been back from Germany? Thanks for the photos. Great detail for a scale modeler. I'm afraid though I wasn't clear on the measurement I need. What I'm looking for is the distance from the ramp floor to the bottom of the ramp.
  15. I've been designing a 1/12 scale R/C model of the Herk for more years than I like to remember. I'm stuck on one last missing piece of info and that's measurements of the cargo ramp. I especially need the length from the bottom of ramp to the floor on end where loading auxiliary ramps attach. I'd really like to rap up this project so any info on the ramp would be greatly appreciated.
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