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  1. Here is a recent shot of it at Glenville.............
  2. Not sure TalonOne, finally broke down and put on my reading glasses, and here is some clearer information; This publication applies to C-130B, E & H models only. It was published by Lockheed-Georgia Company in Marietta, ( a Division of Lockheed Corp) in 1981. A quick paragraph on the next page says: "This C-130 Pocket Handbook is provided as one of the services offered by the Lockheed-Georgia Company Customer Service Organization. It has been prepared in response to many requests by C-130 personnel for a handy, useful informational document. Space limitations here precluded the incorporation of all of the subjects requested, but we have tried to include those most frequently requested." This 4 1/2" x 6" book has about 100 pages comprised of 27 sections. The cover is a dull yellow, with a picture of USAF C-130 partial # 2364 on it. Anyway, it is a pretty nice find, and just wanted to know a little bit more about the book. Gotta have a younger set of eyes for this book to be handy for me....lol Talk about "fine print" lol
  3. Came across an original copy of this at a local bookstore. It was published by Lockheed Corporation in 1981, and gives technical information on the A thu E models. Don't see much about it on the internet and was wondering what the history of this book is.
  4. Happened to stumble upon this 1953 issue of Air Force Magazine in an old bookstore today. On the cover, it features an artist's concept of the "upcoming" C-130. Gotta love that nose.......lol
  5. Found this information on another web-site --------------------------------------------------------------- 61-2083 Lockheed SC-130B-LM Hercules Purchased on USAF contract as addendum aircraft specifically for US Coast Guard. Redesignated HC-130G in 1962 and then HC-130B. 2083 (c/n 282-3650) to USCG as 1348. Was surplus to USCG requirements and retained by USAF This particular C-130 apparently had a close encounter of the 3rd kind with a P3 Orion.................... http://forums.military.com/eve/forums/a/tpc/f/101196122/m/5050067211001/p/1 .
  6. You could register at this web-site and get some answers.... looks like the A-model is around $6 mil http://www.speednews.com/EquipmentResults.aspx?Search=Aircraft&Manufacturer=Lockheed
  7. You Tube has some video of them flying [url=" "] [yt]hvvoKch5gAI[/yt]
  8. Would it be this one ? If so - I believe it's C-130A 57-0460 and is on display at the National Air and Space Museum Here's a copy and paste from their web-site: :The Museum’s Lockheed Hercules C-130A-45-LM, AF Serial No. 57-460, Mfg. Ser. No 3167, is representative of the first production version of C-130s. It has a distinguised history or service with the USAF and a unique history as a member of Vietnamese Air Force (VNAF)--transferred to them in 1972, later escaping to Thailand in 1975.:
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