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  1. Bob, Yesterday (July 2nd) RNLAF G-988 (162313 (c/n 382-4988)) flew for the first time at Marshall's Aerospace UK Mark
  2. Col, He just did. We\'ve been in touch. I\'ll know more in 1 or 2 weeks. Thanks for your show of support. Mark
  3. Casey Great effort! The following links have an error: All links to V10 (1983). The reference in the links should be V10 instead of V010. The link to V21N1 Ref1. The reference in the link should be V21N1Rev 1.pdf instead of V21N1Rev1.pdf (space) Again, great effort! Mark
  4. Jake, Found his address yesterday in a different post. He stated that his original was damaged after producing several copies for others. Maybe you\'re willing to get me a copy of yours? Mark
  5. Thanks, Don. Any information is welcome. Mark
  6. Hi folks! As a C-130 pilot for the Royal Netherlands Air Force I have started researching the great heritage of this amazing airplane. I have managed to collect most books ever written on the C-130 and I\'m looking into the lesser known corners of the C-130 past (e.g. the Credible Sport project). One of the things that caught my interest is the existence of the \"Four Horsemen\" demonstration team. While doing the obligatory \"google\" research I found out that video/footage of the Four Horsemen exists. Can anyone of you confirm the existence of this footage and is there any way to get a copy of it? Or can someone at least point me in the correct direction? Thanks! Mark Brouwer
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