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  1. mc130fe


    Maybe this is the "True Secret Squirrel" we’ve been hearing about all these years…good find.
  2. You are correct...I get to look that F-er if the eyes as I put a "warhead on a forehead".
  3. Dan, the Marines have taken a different approach than the AF has. The remission of the MC-130 and new AC-J will have something different missile and gun wise. I'm sure you read about it on the internet. Yes I know Pred's can deliver Hellfires, I'm at school learning to fly them as I type...see what getting promoted will do. After being a FE for 21+ years, it's a mind shift. GG
  4. Dan, I know where your hear is (and believe me I flew the same mission for 10+ yrs), but for the AF SOCCOM has made the decision that an overwatch/strike capability is important enough to go in the hole with HAR birds until the MC-130J comes on line. We aren't in the need of HAR as much as we are having the ability to put "warheads on foreheads" with our SOF members on the ground.
  5. Roger I also pass my condolences to you and the entire family. Your father was always a bright spot in the ABQ area and always made it enjoyable to come back to refresher each year. You're all in our prayers, sorry I'll be unable to make it out there for the services. I'm in the middle of MQ-1B Sensor Operator training at Randolph. Damn I miss the herk. Gary Glover
  6. It doesn't take a new acft or new model change to have friendly fire incidents. If I remember right, we have acft that are 40+ yrs old that have been doing the same mission the same time-frame having incidents.
  7. Dave Sampson, AC-H Sensor Operator-retired a couple years ago. Not sure of the other individual, worked at HQ AFSOC I beleive. Very hard year so far
  8. Shawn is the third SOF bubba to move on in the past couple months. Need to make it stopp for sure. Our prayers are with the Kovach family, gods speed Shawn
  9. Dan...a little secret about making Chief. You get to go and become a Pred Sensor Operator. What the hell, Bobby.
  10. Would love to talk about it, but have been sworn...
  11. mc130fe

    MC-130P Print

    Excellent print that is looking good, what a sexy acft. Still missing some anttena's on bottom and top from SOF mod. Thanks Casey for all the hard work on theses.
  12. mc130fe

    MC-130P Print

    Dan...I beleive when the HC's cut off the hump (scar-back) they receive a IDS...better than the MC-Ps. Should see what were getting.
  13. mc130fe

    MC-130P Print

    Excellent prints Hey any way to get a print of a MC-130W before we mod all our acft to the new mission set? Let me know what you need pic-wise. Gary
  14. Dan You have it pretty close to correct. The only change I'll throw in; just prior to the crash, the MH-47 cut the hose trying to get on the hose, so the crew was working that problem when the pilots noticed the ground coming up at them. As you stated, our crew had been out flying for almost 8 hours when retasked to accompany Dika 03 on their mission. We flew on their wing for almost three hours up and down the AR track, but had to RTB for fuel. Another crew replaced us and completed the mission with them. Funny how different crews see different things, #2 saw what was going on. Remember, they were 1/2 mile in trail with their own MH-47s on the hose, but were able to see the impending problem, and due to time/mission requirements didn't have the time to radio them to climb. The way everything was going down out in the AOR during this time, it was nothing to push the mission/flying envelope farther than had been in 40 years. Not like I haven’t seen 295 kts, 300 ft AGL, or 85 degrees bank. Everything after that was as stated by Dan.
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