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New algorithm for engine efficiency???


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Good afternoon all,

I was just seeing if anyone in the C-130 world knew of the algorithm for engine efficiency being changed? It's news to all of us -14 guys as well. We got a visit up here (Washington state) from our FST Engineer and he had some new fancy "palm-pilot-looking" thing that was supposed to be the new engine efficiency calculator real soon for us. P/N:RE5-FY4CEX-00. The guys at the test cell were playing around with it and noticed that the numbers it gives are aprox. 1% higher than the old calculator. When the Engineer was asked why this is he said that the algorithm for calculating performance has changed and then proceeded to give a super-smart-sounding-colledge-educated answer.

Have you guys seen this new calculator? Or do you use the slide rule or old Texas Instrament one?



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I'd sure like to have it too [the formula].

As far as I know there's 4 methods to get it (correct me if I'm wrong): 1) The HP calculator that most of the new generation use; 2) the slide ruler; 3) the nomographs (which used to be in the MIM's and TO's) and now 4) the fancy new iPhone/palm pilot thing (see attached picture).[ATTACH=CONFIG]2657[/ATTACH]

After talking to some other T56 guys this new calculator seems to already be out in the P-3 fleet (and they are finding that performance is rising from .3 to 1.0 % by using the new calculators).

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