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  1. I know that the guts of the prop on the Herc is different. I tryed to use the socket from a P-3 tool board to removed the prop nut and the P-3 is smaller then the Herc Prop nut.
  2. One thing to look at is the steering valve. Some times if the valve is bypassing fluid it will cause the nose gear to shimmy. another thing is try greasing all points on the nose gear and send it on a taxi test.
  3. One thing you can try is hooking up the vibration kit and see if the vibs of items are within the limits of the books. you could have something loose in the turbine causing the vibration.
  4. By any chance can some one post the info ie company name and part number for this calculater. thanks.
  5. Try you simple things first. 1. Rpm indicator 2. Resync the prop. 3. Try a sync box. 4. Run the prop in mechanical. If flux is present in mechanical it's the valve housing because their is nothing else in the system to cause it to flux not even the TD system. If you want to make sure it's none of the things that other people have said run the engine in null and bleed air off. Darrell
  6. Do a flag test on your engine. to do this put a peice of rag on a stick and open the clam shell doors, trhen have your engine running at HSGI and have a person stick it next to the ports at the fire wall. if the flag moves you could have a puck stuck open above 94% RPM. Darrell
  7. 305 is still in winnipeg. 319 is in KAF as of right now. and one of the two fuselages for training was being built in cascade when I was their in aug.
  8. I have used a thermal camera a couple of times looking for bleed air leaks and had excellent results. doesn't work to well on a hot day. Darrell
  9. Just to throw another idea, try greasing all the grease points I have heard first hand it has helped.
  10. Sounds to me that your start pot in the amp is u/s. Darrell
  11. If I understand your thread it's for checking the prop fluid levels correct. If so here in Canada we check them every 50 +/- 5 flying hours. Darrell
  12. OK guys trying to get a feel for what country has the most hours on their E model airframes. I know in Canada we have one with over 50,000 flying hours and have always been told we have the most on the E model frame. Thanks Darrell
  13. WPG has 306 which is out of hours and 305 which has 400 plus hours left to go and it's going to the bone yard. I seen 332 getting the center wing box installed when I was @ cascade during the end of Aug .
  14. That is starting to change John Boy. We have 2 airframes now with a glass screen that has a digital needle gauge and a digital read out below it which is a really sweet set up. Darrell
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