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    I'm a Herc pilot in the Argentina AF
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  1. PJVR99, it is a KC model, upgraded with EPCS The problem was that none of the four propellers went to reverse and the FCU was still sending fuel, so below ground idle, the engines were still giving positive torque. The beta lights went on, and also the no reverse lights, but apparently these illuminated after the throttle levers were in GI
  2. Hi there, During landing, it was a very smooth landing - 4 engines to Flight Idle, 1000/1200 PSI each. - 4 engines to Ground Idle, the torque is increased and no-reverse is experienced in four engines. - The power cannot be lowered and the landing run is made with between 5000/6000 PSI (GI) - Brakes are burnt The blades never went to reverse pitch, is it possible that because of the smooth landing the touchdown relay was relieved during a short "flotation" period (1 or 2 seconds) and it prevented the four propellers from going to reverse angle..? Juan
  3. Yes Bob very sad indeed, they are not de-programmed, but don't have a schedule to PDM I think the other two tails are B models, which are not flying either.
  4. 65 and 68 are stored, 69 and 70 are flying, being 69 to be the first cockpit upgraded soon
  5. That was during an air parade commemorating 1st May which is the day of the Baptism of Fire of the Argentina Air Force
  6. Thanks all for your help. We,ve carried it sometimes empty or partially charged connected to the vent but we do it with only the crew onboard. But I guess the "chapter 3" move can allow us to carry military "passengers" on duty. thanks
  7. Hello, I fly C-130 in Argentina, I wonder if someone can enlighten me in this subject: We need to carry our liquid oxygen container (tube) in a mission. I understand it is forbidden to carry it full, but is it possible to have it empty with the proper vent valve? And if so, is it allowed to do it with passengers? Our manuals state that it cannot be carried in passengers aircraft, but ours is a military cargo/troop aircraft, so, there are grey points. I am searching in IATA and other sources. thanks Juan "calavera"
  8. Yes, I meant Fuel Flow indicator, sorry for that. Thanks for your answers, were very very helpful ! I'm Chancha's Capt now ! Juan Chancha=C-130
  9. Juan

    Vmca plus ...

    Thanks for your help ! I'm a Chancha's Capt now ! Juan *Chancha=C130
  10. Yes! that´s good but what about flujometer, why should it decrease? I can understand Tq because of the bleed air... Juan
  11. Juan

    Vmca plus ...

    Thanks, i was looking for a general safe addition to Vmca. I can´t remember if it was like Vmca + 20 Kts. Because if you remember, Vmca can increase as much as 18 Kt if you don´t raise the engine-off wing. But I can´t find the correct figure. Maybe is just a non-written tradition in my Squad. Thanks ! Juan Argentina AF
  12. Hello ! I couldn't find this one: during engines check, Torque in one engine shows aprox 4000 less than others, TIT normal, RPM normal and Flujometer less than normal. What is the failure? I'm trying to pass this test, any help? thx, Juan
  13. Hello ! I have this un-answered question, if any can help: How much do you add to Vmca for safe turns if you've lost one or two engines? thx Juan
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