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Curiosity has killed the cat.... What in the world are these?

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Ok sorry no picture.

Not sure if this is all models or just the "J" model...

On the ramp. and the very aft of the floorboards. You have the center boards and the 2 outboard boards. On the very aft strap & ring on the center there is a tab under the ring. This tab is also on the right floorboard inbd ring. Those are the only places on the whole aircraft these are located. No one at work knows, only the the "deer in the headlight" look....

Any help? What are the tabs for, and maybe why only those two locations?


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In the early 70's when I was flying airdrop there was a tab on the aft side of the last center tie down ring. When you rigged the extraction chute in the bomb shackle the exteaction line had a piece of 550 cord tied about 10' from the chute. There was a loop that went under that tab and was secured with string. This was to keep the extraction line tight when the ramp and door were opened.

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