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The Ideal Drink


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The Drink Ideal

Here is to buttermilk, beverage fine,

Drink that beats booze forty ways,

Better than brewery products or wine,

Worthy of bountiful praise!

When you are thirsty it goes to the spot,

Instant relief to extend,

Cooling the throat that was parching and hot,

Acting the part of a friend.

All of the doctors who know A B C,

Give it their warmest O.K.,

Say that it’s better than bitters or tea.

Any old time of the day.

Swear it is one of the healthiest drinks

Man has discovered and much,

Better than mixtures induced by a wink

Under the soda clerk’s touch.

Fresh from the churn in a gold speckled flow,

Flavored with nothing but ice,

Brimming tin dipperful bound to bestow

Blessings that come without price,

Drink of it daintily, taking your time,

Sip it in soulful repose,

Getting away with it makes you feel prime

Down to the tips of your toes.

Here’s to the health giving drink for the gods!

Ho, for a buttermilk spree!

Holding its devotees, giving no odds,

Just get the habit and see.

Leaving next morning no brown, fuzzy taste,

Causing no riots nor strife,

Leaving no record you wish to efface

Ho, the elixir of life!

Nashville American of Nashville, Tennessee, May 16, 1908

* * *

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