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cancer free product to remove heater elements


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Hello C-130 world, first of all happy new year to the whole fleet:cool:

I've got a question concerning the product you guy's use to remove the glue of the heater element on the propeller .

we are using MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) and our Source of repair is using toluene..... very bad stuff and carcinogenic :(

any sugestions

br bob

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The name "Toluene" is familiar. Does anyone out there remember the name of the solvent we used to strip the paint off the internal wing braces (or what ever the hell they are called) back in 1965? Toluene sounds like the stuff we used. Darn near killed more than one maintainer. Back then no one knew what a carcinogenic was, nor did they care. Just curious as to if it is the same chemical we used.....


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