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MC-130P 65-0994


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I'm trying to pull together the history of 0994 c/n [cn]4157[/cn] for the Wing (she's slated to go into the Airpark) and I'm compiling a list of her unit assignments. Her years in ARRS are pretty well documented in the AFTO 95's but the specific years she was in the 17th SOS and the 9th SOS are not clear. Also, does anyone know what year the Fulton Recovery System was removed from the HC-130 fleet (around 1974?). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...

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I'm not sure about the removal date. The cargo compartment rail system, winch and Tracker radome were removed when it was assigned to the 17th SOS, the summer of 1990. I have pictures of 992 & 994 when they arrived at 33rd ARRS, Kadena, they are on my computer in the US. I have a R&R coming up in Oct and will look and forward them to you. I think the Crew Chief while it was at Kadena was Ssgt. Jerry George from Oregon.

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