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    HC-130N/P 67th ARRS/SOS, RAF Woodbridge. DCC HC-130N 69-5826
    EC-130E ABCCC 7th ACCS, Keesler AFB. DCC EC-130H 65-0962, EC-130E 62-1825
    EC-130E ABCCC 42nd ACCS, Davis-Monthan AFB. DCC EC-130E 62-1825
    EC-130E 62-1857 "Republic 5" (for 20 years).
    1 SOMOS,1 SOCMS,1 SOAMXS/4th AMU; AC-130U Gunships, Hurlburt Field, Fl
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    CMSgt (C-130 Crew Chief)

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  1. http://www.mercedsunstar.com/news/article46567085.html
  2. Nice story and pictures about this plane... http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=57009
  3. When that plane was delivered to the Smithsonian, It should have been delivered with a full aircraft jacket file including the AFTO 95's for each engine. Unless they disposed of the jacket file (they shouldn't have), the Smithsonian has it...someplace. It is either on the aircraft in a box or the NASM has it stored in a file cabinet someplace (probably at the Garber Facility). There is a chance that the NMUSAF has it if they retained ownership of the plane...but typically, the jacket file goes with the aircraft to the possessing museum for storage. At any rate, I'm glad to hear the airplane is being saved. She has a unique history and I was disappointed that the NASM decided several years ago not to display her...
  4. The high gloss was a necessity due to the climate and proximity of the salt water. An accurate, "flat" paint scheme would not hold up well or half as long as the the gloss does. The airpark needs these paint jobs to last as long as possible because periodic repaints are VERY expensive. A compromise had to be made. An indoor museum would be great and the perfect solution but the cost is not something the base can afford...
  5. I did some digging as well today. The stand (a pictured in the above post by gmac) is listed and shown in the IPB with Ground Support Equipment and listed with Engine and Prop equipment. I have the drawings as well. The round disc on the belly band is definitely a hard point for the stand to mate to. Great discussion...lots of good information. Thanks...!
  6. Pet rock is an option. The problem is getting one and getting it on the plane. The support stand is simple, quick and easy...
  7. That's it! Thanks. Why do I want it? I've got a problem with a light Herc (static) trying to do a wheelie when it snows. This is a potential quick solution...
  8. Pretty sure it's a hard-point...designed to mate up with a support stand. The stand had an angled head on it that aligned with the angle of the contour of the disc. I could be wrong though. If it's an "anti-corrosion devise"...it's not working on most Hercs! Interesting discussion. I'll dig in the books this week...
  9. No, that's the wooden "Milkstool" that support the ramp when it is in the air-drop position for heavy loading. I'm looking for the metal framed support stand that would mate-up with the hard point on the left side of the belly band as shown in my original picture. I've seen drawings of it in the IPB but I don't remember ever seeing an actual stand or a picture of it in use. Thanks...
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the stand (metal frame) that goes up under the left side of the rear fuselage and contacts the hard-point on the belly band (picture of the hard-point below)...? Thanks...
  11. This is a huge help. Thanks!
  12. I'm trying to pull together the history of 0994 c/n [cn]4157[/cn] for the Wing (she's slated to go into the Airpark) and I'm compiling a list of her unit assignments. Her years in ARRS are pretty well documented in the AFTO 95's but the specific years she was in the 17th SOS and the 9th SOS are not clear. Also, does anyone know what year the Fulton Recovery System was removed from the HC-130 fleet (around 1974?). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
  13. APG85


    To tie this all together: 65-0962 started life as an HC-130H. It was in the 67th ARRS at RAF Woodbridge (Moron AB before that). In 1985, she was selected to become an EC-130H Compass Call platform and went to Ontario for conversion. When complete, she was stationed at DM. In 1992, she was de-modified and was assigned to the 7th ACCS at Keesler as a slick. There was some talk of making her a capsule bird but there was never any real money or desire to actually do this (she wasn't "bent"). After two years at Keesler, she moved with the unit to DM aand became part of the 42nd ACCS (same unit, different name). Eventually, near the time of the 42nd inactivation, she was turned over to the Compass Call guys and has been with them ever since.
  14. I'm looking for pictures of this install on 66-0217. It was on the aircraft in the late 80's. It consisted of a large block of flat formation lights on the aft fuselage in the form of a square with a "dash" in it...aft of the paratroop doors and I think there were some mounted on the IFR pylons. I found one distance picture on the internet, but nothing up-close. I've looked in the gallery and the only picture is from the wrong angle and the lights are 90% blocked in the view. Thanks.
  15. Is Lars still producing the book? If so, what edition is currently available?
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