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BOG DOWN could be the result of:fuel starvation,water ingestion,FOD,too high prop pitch.In all the above cases there will be RPM decay.RPM may come back up on it's own in some cases.

FLAME OUT could be the result of fuel starvation,too high an airspeed and too low a power lever setting(too much air passing through the engine and not enough fuel,the fire just gets blown out.)With skill and a little bit of luck a relight can/might happen.

Bog down or RPM roll back across the board in a Herk,it's happened a few times,is nothing but bad news!

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Bog Down is when the engine RPMs decay. I've only had it happen on the ground in high ambient air temps and placing engines in low speed ground idle. Going into reverse at too high an air speed can/will cause it.

Flame out is when the fuel in the burner cans quits burning. An engine can bog down and cause a flame out.

Some of our planes had a problem with bog downs in the Middle East in high ambient air temps. It was caused by low speed ground idle on all 4 engines with the air conditioning on (a bad thing to do). The wind direction wasn't blowing toward the engine intakes and the engines starved for air.

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