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  1. DC10FE,I remember a beer garden that was near or next to RR tracks or a station.Does this description ring any bells?This place had 2 or 3 double entrance doors,a large main floor with a stage at one end (opposite the entrance doors),a balcony on 3 sides.I'm going back to '62 or 3 and '64.The place was always crowded and the beer maids were BUSY. Another thing I remember is some young German lad would try to walk on the balcony rail all the way around.Never saw one make it. They either fell back into the balcony or crashed on to the main floor.
  2. I don't remember the restaurant but remember a few bars down town,the rocket club and the German canteen just off the flight line.That chow hall was great!Had some good times at R M and Frankfurt.
  3. Hard to believe he started TO roll w/the parking brake on.As to the anti skid,it was left off or disarmed until during the T O check list called for "ANTI SKID" and the response was "on the roll".Soon as roll commenced,C P flipped the switch,little red light went out and all was good(we hoped). The shortest F 14 landing I ever witnessed :A glitch in the brakeing system caused the brakes to lock unbeknownonsed to the test pilot.I was nearly a mile from the touchdown point when I saw 2 puffs of smoke and then heard boom boom.Of course the tires were destroyed but the wheels were worn off half way to the axel.
  4. I had no idea there was many "A" models still flying.Be interesting to know who owns them,where based and amount of flight hours on them.
  5. GVS


    i don't remember R&Ring too many for leaks but plenty because of wear and a few because of big chips broken out of the pucks.What used to gripe me was when you went to help someone R&R a tire and he forget set the parking brake before removing said tire.
  6. GVS


    I can't imagine R&Ring ice tires W/O gloves.A guy couldn't even go into a main W/W in short sleeves without cutting himself to ribbons.I've seen faces cut up a time or two.
  7. Just heard from a friend of mine in Fl.(we were on "A" models in the AF).He heard that it MAY have been caused because of cargo shift.Question is how much cargo would be on a bird going to the bone yard?
  8. GVS


    This post is giving me a laugh.Maybe because some of it is true!
  9. I was prepping my acft for a tow at Lockbourne AFB on a nice sunny July day.I heard a car pull up to the acft.A guy steps aboard in 505's and a "C" cap.It's our new squadron cmdr.(OMS)He'd come to us from the 41st TCS after a heart murmur was discovered and he was grounded.He was an excellent pilot,flight cmdr. in the 41'st and an excellent officer.He said to me "your'er getting ready to tow?".I said "yes sir",he said "I'll taxi",I said "ok,I'll check the inlets and tailpipes and get a fire guard" We went through the check list with me reading it and doing both the C/P and eng. items and him doing the AC items.2 and 3 are on speed,gens. are on line,all is good.I left the flt.deck,closed the crew door,back to the flt.deck, Tower cleared us,ground man waved us out and off we go.No sweat.I hoped that the major would get back on flt. status.If he'd stayed on status he would have made full col.without a doubt.So sometimes a taxi was done with even less than a minimum crew.
  10. Question regarding the unmarked 130s:were the mod/data plates removed when the tail codes and tail numbers were removed?How about on the birds that had the easily removed and/or swopped numbers.Did they retain the original mod plates?
  11. Dutch got it right --- again.The work order came down from Maint. control to the 780 shop.They droped the winch off at the acft.I don't remember the capacity but it could pull one hell of a load.Slow but powerful.The kit shown in the O/P was handy sometimes but wasn't as heavy duty as the big yellow beast.
  12. I was hoping Dutch would weigh in on this.He didn't disapoint.
  13. After having read posts from him on this site for years we get the feeling that we know him even though we've never met face to face. We,on this site all share something of importance to us. Very sad and shocking to read of his passing.I express sincere condolences to his family and friends.
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