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  1. I was at Dover from Jan.68 till Nov.68 and then went to Nam on OV-10's for a year.My first job at Dover was on the tire change crew my fatigue's were a pile of fuzz from the Ice tires. I think we used them all up during this period as I remember we got fewer and fewer as the months went on. Bob
  2. Ok now we are getting there I'll do a C-133 ice tire change we had plenty of them at Dover in the late 60's. Bob
  3. Well heck while there you can pick up my Blue Face Seiko. No I think that was CCK Thanks anyway. Bob
  4. Oldmech59


    Anyone know of any reunions coming up for the C-130,s. Thanks
  5. Oldmech59


    I got to work both systems at McCoy with the 55th. ARRS from January 1970 till June 71 at which time we moved to Hill AFB as the 1550 Training Wing. Really enjoyed the time om those birds.
  6. Hi Bob This aircraft was Crewed by SSGT. David Hanks and he was dropped off in Okinawa for Altitude Re.Cert. and his assistant Crew Chief was on board and burned badly I don't remember what his name was but it sure changed the way we operated out of CCK from that point on. I think I'm correct on this part. the mind is not what it use to be not that it was ever very sharp.
  7. I think there are a lot of Crew Chefs in this same boat we were young and just did our job and never thought about the Medals. I'm 68 now and I to wish I had kept better records and ask questions back then for our Children and Grandchildren . I was at CCK from July 72 till Dec. 73 and flew many of missions into Viet Nam and Cambodia I received HD pay for 8 month's during this period. I crewed 1855 and even flew with it back to Warner Robbins in Sep. 72 for heavy maintenance. I have the blanket orders we received every month or so that allowed us to fly to most Asian Countries and also my little note books that I kept for Finance when we returned to CCk for our HD and Per dim pay. It's funny what seems to be important to us as we get toward the end good luck to all. God Bless All and God Bless The United States of America
  8. Not with E flight but was at CCK from july 72 till pull out in late 73 worked as flying crew chief and line maintenance. Just a Great bunch of guy\'s at CCK working on a Great Aircraft.
  9. :) Just found this site and it brings back some Great memories of Pope and other bases. I was at Pope jan 74-oct 77 after returning from CCK (72-74), The \"E\" Model is a true War Bird.
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