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Vietnam pictures


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Just stumbled upon some old Vietnam pictures and posted them into "My Gallery". They are the last 12 or 13 on the page. Unfortunately, I don't recall where most of them were taken.


Thanks for the new entries in your gallery. The one/ones that look the most familiar to me is with the helicopters and the fuel lines & bladders ! It looks like Qui Nhon to me! Maybe the same place where I took the C-123 pics in my gallery!!

Keep digging, maybe you will find some more!!

Your buddy,


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I'm just about 70 years old and sometimes it's a bit scary to think of all the things I've forgotten over the years, for instance, I simply marvel at the skills that I had back in 1965-66 working in primitive conditions, quite often with the sounds and sights of battle close by and never thought twice about it. Sometimes I chastise myself for not re-enlisting and going back to CCK, thinking that I could have done a better job. But every now and then I'll stumble across some long lost Kodachrome that brings back some detail that reminds me that I actually did those things and did them well! Ahhhhh, the memories of an old man!!!!!!!!!

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