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Made the mistake of opening up Google Earth and wasted the AM.

Interesting though

37 18 42.36N 76 38 28.73W Camp Peary Spook Base

Should be 57-0519

37 16 43.06N 76 36 39.63W Cheatham Annex Naval Supply Base

Should be 57-0483

36 06 07.61N 76 19 33.76W Harvey Point another Spook Base

Don’t know, seems like there is always a Herk there but it may be active.


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I have access to high resolution satellite imagery as part of my work. I sometimes deviate from finding oil wells to finding old airstrips and airbases looking to see if any Hercs are around. With Google, you can sometimes switch to street view and see some of the tails if they are parked near a road. Great tools and yes you can spend too much time hunting.

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That was what I thought, but there were only 10 EC-130E ABCCC birds and I think only 7 got the AC Mod.

They seem to be accounted for.

3738 62-1791 is a GIA at North Island NAS

3770 62-1809 was lost in Iran

3777 62-1815 was lost at Danang

3780 62-1818 was at AMARG reported broken up at HVF Tucson 1 Aug 2013

3783 62-1820 was converted back to a C130E by 1975 and never had external AC pods.

3788 62-1825 was cut up at AMARG and the cockpit was at Randolph being made into a simulator.

3795 62-1832 was at AMARG still listed 10/15/2014

3799 62-1836 was at AMARG still listed 10/15/2014

3821 62-1857 was flying with AFSOC at Hurlburt, then reported going to the Carolina Aviation Museum http://www.carolinasaviation.org/military/mc-130-hercules The picture of 857 at the museum does not seem to have AC pods?

3827 62-1863 was converted to an HC-130P and is at Moody

Any help?



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To add to Bob's mystery, the one at Harvey Point has no visible USAF markings on the wings or fuselage.

As for 57-0483 at the Cheatham Annex, I have a question or two. How did they get it from NAS Norfork to Cheatham? The nearest runway is about 2 miles north or did they move it by barge? Either way, how did they get it to where it's parked now? Lots of obstacles along the roads. According to Lars' book, it was used as a loading trainer at Norfork until it was moved in 1999. Going to NAS Norfork via Google Earth and using the Historical Imagery option, you can see an engineless C-130 there on 4/90, but it's gone by 3/94. Check out 36 56 08.70N 76 17 44.34W

Don R.

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spelling, of course
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Here is an article on 62-1857 going to CLT. Big A/C's are in evidence.


and here is 62-1863 flying recently as an HC-130P



I added two pics of 62-1825 cut up.

Still thinking it is an EC-130E in the Harvey point pic, but which one?


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