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29th Weapons Squadron (WIC)


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Ladies and Gents,

Just wanted to post that the 29th Weapons Squadron (C-130H part of it anyway) has moved to St Joseph, MO. I've been in the WIC now for about 2 years and I volunteered to come up from Little Rock and help get it going. It's supposed to go full time to the guard in a couple of years, but it is great for this area to have it and for the AF to keep it as well. We just completed out first syllabus sortie up here, so the ball is rolling now. I only have about 3 years left until 20 and this assignment will take me there, so we'll see what happens. I've been chasing this old bird around the last few years and it's sad seeing it roll off into the history books. Hopefully the guard/reserve will keep it around for many years to come. Have a good one!

Dave H

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