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    I have been in the AF now for 17 years. I'm a Instructor Flight Engineer with about 900 hours. I have two boys (10 and 8) and a wonderful wife of 15 years. I've been stationed at the following bases and units:

    1999-2002: Little Rock AFB, AR "53rd AS BlackJacks" (crew chief)

    2002-2005: Elmendorf AFB, AK "517th AS Firebirds" and "703rd AMXS" (crew chief)

    2005-2009: RAF Mildenhall, UK "352d AMXS Air Commandos" (QA for 3 of those yrs)

    2009-2013: Little Rock AFB, AR: "61st AS Green Hornets" (Flight Engineer)

    2013-2014: Little Rock AFB, AR: "29th WPS" (Evaluator FE)

    2014-present: Rosecrans MAP, St Joseph, MO: 29th WPS Det 1 (new unit to continue H model WIC)
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    Ft Leavenworth, KS
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    C-130H Flight Engineer

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  1. Ladies and Gents, Just wanted to post that the 29th Weapons Squadron (C-130H part of it anyway) has moved to St Joseph, MO. I've been in the WIC now for about 2 years and I volunteered to come up from Little Rock and help get it going. It's supposed to go full time to the guard in a couple of years, but it is great for this area to have it and for the AF to keep it as well. We just completed out first syllabus sortie up here, so the ball is rolling now. I only have about 3 years left until 20 and this assignment will take me there, so we'll see what happens. I've been chasing this old bird around the last few years and it's sad seeing it roll off into the history books. Hopefully the guard/reserve will keep it around for many years to come. Have a good one! Dave H
  2. I believe 0282 also had the ramp actuators get pushed through the empennage due to the ramp contacting a mountain? That is what I was told during my Mildenhall tenure (05-09). Dave
  3. I know that this aircraft is currently sitting next to Hangar 250 here at LR as a Load Trainer. The tail of the aircraft was donated to "Hangar 1080" here on base as a static display. I flew this plane in Iraq as the last E model combat mission. It flew pretty darn good over there until they took her all apart here. I believe the wings were donated to 74-1679 after the tornado damage. Dave
  4. If you flamed out all 4 engines the only way you could get those bad boys fired back up is if, well you were able to tie the bus in flight, but I seriously doubt those B models have that TCTO done.
  5. Thanks kersey! I thought they were all fitted around the same time, just couldn't remember the TCTO's. Dave
  6. The main reason the position of the switch was changed in flight from the ESS A/C (motor operated Inverter) to the ESS D/C position (solid state) was due to the internal bypass feature if the Inverter failed (i.e. ESS DC selected power out automatically switches to ESS A/C), so this way it would let you know that your inverter has is no longer a back-up source. The CO-PILOTS inverter does not have a internal bypass to allow it to switch over to the ESS AC bus. The other reason they run in these postions is so that we do not burn up the inverter since it is a electic motor (non-TCTO modded). So just like stated above the inverter switches look like this inflight for the respective inverter: Motor operated inverter, "-,-": solid state inverter, "-,|". Just like NATOPS stated above. The solid state inverters are much more reliable due to less moving parts. I have had these fail before inflight (automatically bypassed), but just moved it over to the ESS AC position and all was good. I just wrote it up when we landed. I also want to say that TCTO 1822 was part of the ESU mod? Can anyone verify this? I believe this was the time alot of Solid State equipment started showing up, i.e. GCU's, syncrophaser, AC/INST Ctrl Inverter, ess/main avionics busses. Hope this helps and if I'm off base on any of this please call me out! Dave
  7. I'll see what I can do for you Bob. I believe, don't quote, but 1806, 7819, and 7852 are still GITA birds for MX. 61-2362 is a static display at the air park here on base. Dave
  8. Also, I don't know what the plans for 63-9815 are, but she's all stripped of her wings (donated to tornado bird repair and someone else on here said the other wing was donated somewhere else) and the vertical stab is now a static display at the old enlisted club. The fuselage is still parked next to Hgr 250. Dave
  9. Bob, 62-1829 is now the Hwy 67-167 guardian in front of the new off base education center. I'll see if I can get some pics, but she's all put back together, for the most part, and looks pretty damn good from the Hwy! Dave
  10. 1685FCC


    9815 also donated her vertical stab as a monument in front of Hangar 1080 here on base. Also, I believed she donated one of her wings to the H1 (74-1679?) damaged in last years tornado. I flew 9815 in our last ever deployment in Balad. Now she sits in front of Hangar 250 all disected and such...sad sight. Dave
  11. 1685FCC


    The word on the street is that 62-1829 is going to be a static display outside LRAFB at the new off campus Education complex?? I caught a glimpse of some nose writing displaying "City of Jacksonville" and a Razorback just above it. We'll see how this turns out. Dave
  12. 1685FCC

    C-130 E

    2 out of those 3 were on our last E-model deployment in Iraq. 1799 got me in a little bit of hot water with a nose wheel shimmy, but that's another story. How are they flying for you all over there? Dave
  13. 1685FCC

    C-130 E

    The starter limits are the same as an H. As for minimum start PSI. If the GTC was not putting out a minimum of 35 psi (same as APU) then MX action was required prior to flight. These limitations are all out of the E(H)-1. Dave
  14. Tenten...do you use a different manual because I'm used to a max reverse to full feather in no more than 25 seconds?? Just curious. Dave
  15. Maybe some engine guys could jump in here, but it sounds like a prop brake issue?? Is the prop counter rotating? During the last sentence there it sounds like the brake was engaged as you were trying to Air Start the engine, yes/no? If it was engaged bumping the starter makes sense. As for the feather time being 30 seconds, I see what tenten is saying about the feather override button and pulling it after 5 seconds. I'm also wandering if maybe you have a bad aux feather motor or low output? Just some thoughts, but there are mx guru's on here with more nuggets than myself!
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