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WYoming ANG


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I just got this e mail about a herk being made into a simulator at Cheyenne.

Anyone know which one?



On the ramp at Cheyenne is a C-130 fuselage which is to be used to create a C-130 simulator at Cheyenne:-




The a/c is apparently ex Tennessee ANG and arrived by road on or around 19.8.13:-




Which one?

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I'm not sure what airplane that is, but I think what you're looking at may be two separate items. The photo is of a FUT, whereas I think the Air Force is having a bunch of cockpit simulators built and Cheyenne gets one of the first. I imagine the FUT was built/converted when Nashville had the foreign student training program.

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Here's an older article that suggests they're going to use the mockup already there.



Last paragraph......

The simulation center is a regional facility that will service C-130 aircrew

from the region.  The facility will house a computerized training area and

will also utilize the C-130 fuselage trainer that has been at the base since

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