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Flight record mission symbols


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I recently found a folder that contained my flight logs from most of my flights as a loadmaster. I have figured out a few of the mission symbols but a couple I don't know. 

01A is combat mission

T3 is training but can some one tell me what A1, A5, A4, 03, and T2 are??

Using my travel vouchers and these flight records I have almost reconstructed my missions as a loadmaster...

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Thanks for the hints. I read that section but it didn't detail the flight mission but individual crew duties and such... I am looking for the "reason for the flight" like Combat mission, training, airdrop etc...I will keep reading the section you referenced...

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I think you may have looked at table A2.3 for crew positions. Table A2.2 reads as follows:

Authorized Mission Symbols (Note: Only mission symbols listed in this table are valid. In ARMS the mission symbol is a five-character field. The first two characters must be IAW this table. MAJCOMs may assign additional characters as required (see Notes 1 and 2 at end of table).

CA, CC, Air Rescue CF Coded Aircraft Missions, and TF Coded Aircraft Missions as applicable

A1 Scheduled Flights. Missions where the main goal is to move cargo or passengers on a scheduled frequency.

A4 Nonscheduled Logistics. Missions where the main goal is to move cargo or passengers on other than scheduled flights.

A5 Positioning or Repositioning. The nonproductive part of a flight that is required to locate an aircraft at a station for onloading or returning an aircraft to home station.

T2 Formal Major Weapon System (MWS) Training. Instruction and training of pilots and crews undergoing initial MWS crew training in designated Formal Training Units.

O3 Aircraft Delivery. Aircraft delivery flights under the control of Air Combat Command (ACC), including inter-command transfers; US Air Force, Navy, or other pilots attached to ACC for purposes of delivering aircraft delivery organizations as well as "borrowed" crews. Also includes aircraft deliveries other than under ACC control.

There is an expanded 4 digit mission symbol code listing in G081 for AMC aircraft.

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When I got out of the AF in Little Rock they gave me a folder with monthly print outs of every flight. Tail numbers, mission symbols, night and day hours, and combat hours per day. It also listed the number of sorties per mission. This was up to my transfer from CCK to LRAFB. None of my flight time at LRAFB was listed but that really doesn't matter. I Left the 345th in CCK to 2nd Aerial Port.  The only missions they gave us was Low Level flights with an airdrop the couple of hours touch and goes. After flying with the best in the world it's hard to take this fresh right seaters on training flights. A GCA approach into Khe San was not as scary as these young dudes.. 

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