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Propeller Cage or Prop House


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I was wondering if anyone had any info, pictures and specs on a propeller cage or prop house. I'm trying to gather all info available so we can get one built for our deployed location for use in the winter time. It is used to do prop maintenance and lifted up by a forklift. It is mentioned in the 61JG10-1 and then refers you to the 00GE.  Below is the excerpt;

These cages (figure 5-127.1) are mounted to a forklift and can have a variety of maintenance aids installed, depending on local conditions and procedures. Figure 5-127.1 is a notional depiction of a propeller cage and is not intended as an engineering drawing for manufacture. Units must develop local operating instructions for propeller cages that will include operating guidance, preventative maintenance and annual weight testing requirements, as required.

Thanks again for all the valuable information.


Prop House.PNG

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