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  1. I was wondering if anyone had any info, pictures and specs on a propeller cage or prop house. I'm trying to gather all info available so we can get one built for our deployed location for use in the winter time. It is used to do prop maintenance and lifted up by a forklift. It is mentioned in the 61JG10-1 and then refers you to the 00GE. Below is the excerpt; These cages (figure 5-127.1) are mounted to a forklift and can have a variety of maintenance aids installed, depending on local conditions and procedures. Figure 5-127.1 is a notional depiction of a propeller cage and is not intended as an engineering drawing for manufacture. Units must develop local operating instructions for propeller cages that will include operating guidance, preventative maintenance and annual weight testing requirements, as required. Thanks again for all the valuable information.
  2. The removable pin on the valve housing has FI&B etched on it, does anyone know what it means?
  3. I'm suprised that boomerang still flies, not to long ago we were towing it every 30 days in a circle so the tires would not flat spot and running engines on it as well. The most air time it has seen was on full jacks in the wash rack. Good luck!
  4. E/E was trying to take time for the shop in CAMS and did it wrong so it loaded for an aircraft. then they were to lazy to fix it and left it like that in CAMS, so a Crew Chief took time for it! Disc: Aircraft requires launch, C/A: Aircraft launched into air with giant slingshot IAW 1C-130H-2-DUMBASS-T.O. tool and fod check not C/W needless to say we didn't hear the end of that one since the Group Commander happened to look at the 100 in cams for the day!
  5. They enclosed the washrack and also built the second half to the CTK building. Wash rack also has a foam suppresion sytem which has gone off several times.
  6. I am getting ready to PCS away from this bad-ass airframe and would like to leave a detailed photo album behind for the next Crew Chief. Anyone have any info? I had been told that it was in the catch a falling star program, I have been on the acft since 2003 and have history from 1986 to present. Please help.
  7. I was assinged to this aircraft 62-1818 at Moody AFB GA right before it as sent to AMARC (Boneyard) for cracks in the wing box. Where exactly was this plaque? Was it removed? I know the Acfts name was the Bad Boy, and was it the acft to bring back the hostages from Iran?
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