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  1. Lets not forget our heroes of Desert One. 37 Years ago.. Frank
  2. What does CT have ? H1's ? I believe that they have 8 airframes including the high time flyer. Could be wrong..
  3. Once again it's time to set aside a moment and honor those we lost at Desert One 35 years ago. Lest we never forget that the "Had The Guts To Try" Frank C
  4. ====================================================== Argh, she was a long time "friend".. I remember how beautiful she was wearing the initial gloss grey and yellow rescue scheme waaay back when she was with the 54th ARRS. I guess after 45 years she deserves a rest.. Money well spent.. Frank
  5. _________________________________________________________________________________________ Is 69-5820 still tooling around down there ? I remember her from her short lived days up a Pease AFB in the 54th ARRS before going over to the 67th. Just wondering if she's still amongst us. Frank
  6. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Lest we never forget. They Had The Guts To Try Frank Carberry Honorary Member, 8th SOS
  7. Thud105


    __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I agree fully with the not lowering of the flag. Mandela was not a US citizen: member of our armed forces: or head of State. My flag stays firm at full mast and it in no way is it meant to dis-respect the man. I will avoid the politics. And BTW, I didn't lower it for Whitney Houston either... THAT was the ultimate insult to me.... Stand tall Frank C.
  8. Dave was a fixture at Pope/Fort Bragg for many years as were is cartoons. I heard a few years ago that that Dave passed away from cancer but I cannot confirm that. Hopefully some one here can confirm/deny that fact He was an outstanding funny guy ! Frank C.
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes, that's the bird that I was referring to. I knew that she was a shake & bake of C-130 parts all her life. I guess that the ole memory banks are 50% functional. I knew that someone would "come to the rescue" with solid data. Regards Frank C
  10. I believe that it was NACA/NASA that modified a B model with 2 J-85's suck and blows mounted out board of # 1 & 4 providing BLC/bleed air over the wings in a effort to test lower landing speeds. I believe also that it was retained by NASA/NACA after the test program for many years and flown sporting a non-standard round bulbouse nose. I'm sure that some more versed prop head will straighten all this out soon. I'm working from an ole memory bank here.. Frank C.
  11. The weaker sex is the stronger sex because of the stronger sex's weakness (or is it fear) for the weaker sex. Yup. Frank C.
  12. Well it's got 4 power levers and two yokes. Frank C.
  13. It's Hollywood. Need we say more ??  
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