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c-12 stuck´s during roll


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Hello, i have this problem, during flight when A/C turns the c-12 #1, the digits in de digital controller, stop moving. Whem aircraft get´s in the normal position the c-12 start working and the heading is corrected, comparing with #2.

I think it´s de directional gyro, what do you think?


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I have one manual, but if you can share other to compare, it´s ok.

Today i tray to simulate the problem in the ground. During a turn i release the gyro and putted in 45º, but didn´t find any problem. Could it be because the turn was slow?

I turned the gyro 45º or more left and right, but the c-12 was always working fine.

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The "rate switching" for the C-12 system is in the gyro. There is a bank angle that the C-12 system senses and switches the reference from the flux valve (magnetic azimuth detector) to the gyro. That appears to be what is not working. 

There is a drift test in the manual performed by placing the switch in DG and recording compass card drift over a set time. That does not check the rate switching.

In your last post it sounds like it is switching properly between MAG and DG modes.in a turn again. If it is at all intermittent, replace the gyro.

MAG = Magnetic   DG = Directional Gyro

A simple check would be to swap the gyros between the systems and see if the problem follows with the suspect gyro.

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