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  1. Today after troubleshooting i found that the plug on the c-12 control box, wasn´t tightened. That solve my problem.
  2. I have one manual, but if you can share other to compare, it´s ok. Today i tray to simulate the problem in the ground. During a turn i release the gyro and putted in 45º, but didn´t find any problem. Could it be because the turn was slow? I turned the gyro 45º or more left and right, but the c-12 was always working fine.
  3. Hello, i have this problem, during flight when A/C turns the c-12 #1, the digits in de digital controller, stop moving. Whem aircraft get´s in the normal position the c-12 start working and the heading is corrected, comparing with #2. I think it´s de directional gyro, what do you think? Thanks
  4. I´m having a similar problem, but with the #1 compass. Heading flag in view. It´s in view when the compass card get´s a little bit slow, it´s like a gripe. Does someone now´s how did the this topic ended?
  5. Hello, about the title "Tank open VS Power in c-130" i would like to now what type of procedure do you have. I have found some publications that say that we can put power in aircraft with tank opens, if the tank´s are drained to the greatest potencial. USAF Reference But in the manual which i use every day, says that before i open a tank i should take power out, that makes ALL the sense, and i don´t have any thing that says that i can put power before the tank is closed. What´s is your opinion, and in what base (publication) do you refere to? Thanks
  6. Last Friday i left the C130 where i was working, in good shape the Autopilot work ok. After me the team that would fly the aircraft in the morning did a pre flight and tested the autopilot everything ok. In the morning, aircraft in the runway, and autopilot not engaged!!! I changed the autopilot amplifier, the yawdumper computer, the mode coupler´s, the autopilot control box and the 2 mode selector. I have a good AC intruments voltage. The problem stays. After that first try of getting autopilot on, the flight was aborted. In the hangar i checked the readings in the control box of
  7. The TIT gauge were ok. I forgot to tell that we made that test od the GEN. During flight we turn off the gen #2, and the problem happened with the other 3 Gen in the BUS. I dind´t understand clear what is your ideia and you say: If it is resolved I think you have a wing flex issue with the #2 Gen A phase feed line. If not turn on the inverter which provides power to the AC Inst EFC bus and is inside the aircraft so no "Speed" relationship. Thank you, again.
  8. Bad news, today... the problem ins´t solved. We did 3 flight´s today and still have the problem. During the day we found some more clues: - During flight at high altitute, 16000 fts the problem doesn´t happen - Fly level 500- 900 Fts, TAS more than 240 kts, the problem happen - If during the low altitude flight we change from Ess AC to inverter, the problem doesn´t happen, the indication is OK - We have diferent P/N in the indicators, those who are equal go inop. The one that is alone work good. In other aircraft we have diferent P/N in the indicators and never had this kind of pr
  9. We think that we found the problem. It seems that a voltage surge supressor in the pilot CB, near the fuel indication CB, had the wiring loose. Because of that whem there was a high voltage peak, the indicators where not protected. We read this in a USAF manual. But you may ask, why there were two that didn´t went off? We think that is because of the type (p/n) of the indicator installed. The indicators in #3 and Ext LH have the same p/n, diferent from the other six. Tomorrow the aircraft will fly and i will them tell you if we are right. Thank you NATOPS1 for you help. [ATTACH=CON
  10. More information about the problem: - The indication went off with aircraft in level flight 17000 ft 240 kts and 3000 ft 220 kts. This is TAS and not IAS has i said in the last post - The totalizer went off, no power . Start indicating when all the other indication came on - The pilot didn t saw na failure in other inditations (TIT), everything was good except some fuel indications. We already check the bondings off the indicators. The values of wiring and tanks are OK.
  11. I´m trying to talk with the pilot to now more details, but i already now that: - IAS was 222 kts - The fault indicators went off, no indication, like missing power Soon as i now more details i´ll post. Thank you
  12. I´m working in a c130 H, s/n 5115, equipped with digital fuel indication. During normal flight, the pilots loose all fuel indication minus in the EXT LH and #3, whem they set the aircraft to a high velocity. In the begening they said that it was with a certain atitude. But after a new flight test, they saw that in all atitudes that they give to the aircraft the problem is the velocity. The indication goes off, like losing power, and goes on with a smaller velocity. Can someone help? Thank You
  13. Hello, greetings from Portugal. Currently i have one problem that is turning my head apart. In "my c-130" i have a erroneus indicating of TAS. With the pitot and static connect to the aircraft, on the ground and with 200 Knots in the IAS of #1 and #2, +/- 200 Knots in the Navigator TAS. In the INS i have the same reading. Whem i put so static pressures, about 5000 feet, my speed stars to go up in the Navigatos TAS and in my INS. Whem i get to 25000 feet i get 360Knots in the Nav TAS and the INS. The IAS on #1 and #2 remain at 200 Knots and my reading in the pitot static test is 200.
  14. Hello, in the last week´s i have experiencied 2 problems like this, high tit. After doing some of the replacements that you describe, it all resume to cables that were wrong conected in the terminal block. The fact is that because of the cables were wrong conected, tha TD amplifier was reciving bad informatio. The way that we found it was puting a signal generator in the cables that go out of t block to the indicator in the cabin. We saw that the signal that we put wasn´t the one that the indicator show, the temp wasn´t good. I hope that i can help. Sorry for my poor language. :)
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