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Aero Precision provides OEM part support for military aircraft operators across more than 20 aircraft

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I know it's disappointing getting no responses for a week, but with no licenses, not many companies are going to hire you.  You can try Transafrik, but they're about 99% Filipinos.  Great guys to work with, though.

Good luck,

Don R. 

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Hi Don


True, unlicenced is a problem although most companies can issue company certifications to

do the job. Worke dwith the Filipino's in Saudi - good workers and great people. Something will

come around soon .....

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14 hours ago, bobdaley said:


What is going on with TA/


Haven't heard much, Bob.  They did send a Herc to Juba in the Sudan to evacuate some NGO's because of the civil war there.

Don't know if they still have any airplanes at AIROD.  I'll check & let you know.

Don R.

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