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Herc outside Waco?

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I was told that Google maps shows a C-130 fuselage sitting in a field next to the Brazos River, outside Waco Texas.  Sure enough I found it too.  It's painted in CG colors and appears to be complete from the 737 forward with part of the center wing box still attached. It almost looks like somebody made it a nice hunting shack!  We thought we knew where all the old CG Hercs ended up, but this one has us puzzled. Does anybody have any info on this one? Coordinates are 31.683850, -97.209271


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That is quite a find. I think I remember one of the long retired "B" Model air frames was used for possibly "J" Model Avionics and electrical prototyping? Time to start digging. Nice view of the river from the cockpit.

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Looks like L3 did a bunch of retro work on CG birds sold to the Argentine Air Force so perhaps one of the birds involved was used for parts and the fuselage was left over. If someone needs it I have the property owners name and address from the Waco tax registry.

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