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unexplained oil loss

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hello C-130world,

during 1 of our missions, an engine was wet of oil on its acceleration bleedports.

After an engine change, engine was tested on the test bed and we changed about everything, but still a flood of oil in the torque shaft housing and through the compressor, again wet bleeds.

we changed the scavenge pump on the accessory, we changed the checkvalves on RGB and Accessory gearbox....:o

we follwed the guidelines of the service news vol15n°2, still the same issue

What we didn't change, due to time consuming and not possible while hanging on the METS (test stand) is the RGB suspect the failures of nose and main scavenges pump...

any other suggestions...

internal leak? a cracked internal diffuser scavenge tube??(can we check this with a borscope?)


best regards Herky400M

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looks like #1 lab seal blown,  or maybe failure of extension shaft seal where torqmeter housing bolts on. Cracked diffuser

lines (#2 & #3 bearing scavenge) will show up as 2 to 3 gallon low during operation, but full tank after shut down. Wet bleeds

can only come from the front intake area

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