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magnetic pick ups

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T56-56 shows what's good and what's not. Mag plugs are checked every bpo. Fuzz and slivers less than 1/16" diameter are not a problem. During break-in on a new RGB slivers are commonly found. Chunks of any size are reason for concern, and require further investigation or power plant removal.


Using a multimeter a resistance of less than 20000 ohm (20k) requires magplugs be removed and visually inspected. On my test cell I had a system of LEDs that were hooked up with crocodile clips - 1 for each plug. I can't tell you how many times that saved us tearing up an engine

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P, thx 4 the answer, do you use any TO or guideline, or is this purely out off experience.

I know that every approach is personal and I look at a certain way to this and some else approaches it from his:her way.

are there standard samples? how do you manage this.


best regards Bob

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