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compressor performance T56-A-15

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we have an engine who indicated low performance on the test stand:

  • the turbine and compressor have the almost the same Flight Hours,
  • -power performance 96.7%,
  • compressor EST 117 psi / OBS 114psi ==> so normal zone.

2nd attempt brand new overhauled turbine full potential, same compressor as above but the results were very bad  :unsure: 92.7% power performance, compressor

Compressor perf done with CDP ESt 107Psi/CDP OBs 114 Psi Result : Compressor LOW ZONE.

Power performance:

  • OAT          55°f
  • BARO      29.97inHg
  • TORQUE 19115 inLB
  • TIT            1050°C
  • result 92,7%                                                                


hmm, Question why suddenly low zone compressor and why suddenly low performance :(


has anyone heard if the graphs are reviewed to calculate the compressor performances?


best regards HERKY400M




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