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Pilot Shortage-Musings


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 I see the AF is saying they are 1300 pilots short.

That wouldn't surprise me. They say they are 1200+ fighter pilots short and maybe 100 others.

Is there a list some where of actual or perceived shortages by aircraft type?

It seems wrong to me to want to give bonuses only to fighter pilots, that can't be good for everyone else s morale.

Are the Guard and Reserve having shortages too? Particular units?

If the Guard and Reserve have shortages, might it not be wise to shut a few units and bring the others up to strength?

How many pilots have been condemned to drones? Can they make up the pilot shortage by having enlisted men and women, and whatever they call navs now, I heard CSO'S?, drive drones.

Why not bring back WO's to drive drones? Army, Navy and Marines have no problems with WO's

Just thoughts, but I had an interesting conversation with a 12 year USAF pilot, Highly thought of, even though he was a Zoomie. If I was in his shoes, I would have pulled the plug too. The airlines are not the fault, they are just a easy good job opportunity. This guy was going into banking. Unless you are really doing something you love, USAF sounds like a lousy career choice these days.


PS don't tell anyone, I am a Zoomie.

PPS USAF retirement pay isn't much, but my experience with tricare has made all those years in the Guard and Reserve really worthwhile.

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I've never understood why the AF doesn't adopt the 2-tier system for pilots. Those having visions of being the next Chief of Staff would opt for a staff job/higher HQ route at mid-term O-4, while those not interested in stars and glory would remain in the cockpit for their entire career. Only the most senior pilots would be considered for O-5 Squadron CC positions, while Wing Kings, etc. and higher would be selected from those taking the staff route.   

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