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T56-A-15 LFE vs GFE


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From an old Allison Service Information Letter it states"

The purpose of this SIL is to define:
1) LFE "Lockheed Furnished Equipment" designated T56 engine models.
2) Allison policy regarding administration and logistic support of LFE engines.
D. Description:
Engines with the LFE suffix are built to military engine model specification and are sold commercially as opposed to a U.S. Government  contractually built engine sold to the U.S. Military (without the LFE suffix). They include all engineering changes as their military counterpart from production and have technical directives complied with that may not have been accepted by the U.S Military
Technical Directives
T56 LFE engines are not civil certificated by the FAA, however Allison sells them under a commercial maintenance plan and warranty program. Allison includes the LFE engines in our Service Information Letters, Commercial Service Letters, Commercial Engine Bulletins, and Commercial Overhaul Information Letters in order to provide LFE operators with information and product improvement modifications that are designed to improve durability, extend overhaul times and increase reliability."


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