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  1. Mr. cfisher,

    I think you need to thicken up your skin a little if you want to survive on this board. As I read Dan Wilson\'s & herkhealer\'s posts, I got the distinct impression that they seemed to be poking fun at themselves & not you & your checklist expertise. I\'ve never met Dan Wilson in person, but from reading his posts -- a PRIMA DONNA he ain\'t!!

    I\'m impressed with your credentials, but, even after my 24,000+ hours, I still embarrassed myself at times. Usually, when you do something that embarrasses you, you do it only once (or maybe a second time). I\'m living proof of that!!!

    Don Rogers

  2. \"The new cockpit of the aircraft really enhances situational awareness with bigger windows,\" said Lt. Col. Todd Oliver, who is with the 38th Airlift Squadron (provisional).

    I haven\'t been near a J-model, but from the photos I\'ve seen, the cockpit windows are the same no matter whether it\'s an A-model through the J-model. Is Lt. Col Oliver correct in that ststement?

    I don\'t want this taken as criticism, I\'m just curious.

    Don R.

  3. Having no experience on the AC-130\'s, this may seem like a stupid question to the Spectre guys.

    The other night, I watched the movie \"Transformers\" & in one scene, an AC-130H is blowing away some bad guys (Decepticons). There is a brief shot of the cockpit showing what looks like an FE\'s panel on a jet. Who\'s position is it, the nav?

    It\'s actually a pretty good flick & it\'s the first time since \"Black Hawk Down\" that the DoD has supported a movie.

    Don R.

  4. Hey Hush!

    Welcome aboard.

    I can think of a few 3-letter codes for the Legion, but quite a few more 4-letter ones; especially the morning after. If you Google Earth Waldorf, you can find the building there. I don\'t know if it\'s still open or not, though. The last time I was there was in 1995 when I made a detour on my way home from Kigali.

    So how\'s the retired life?

    Don R.

  5. Was the 3-letter code (the IATA code) for Rhein Main AB FRA or FRF? One is for the air base & the other is for the flughaven, but I can\'t remember which is which. I remember the ICAO code for the air base was EDAF.


    Don R.

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