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  1. Hmmmmm. What to expect. Well, all incoming personnel are currently going to the j side of the house and being a salty h model guy myself I can't really tell you much about them. They got some good guys working them right now and they will definitely hook you up with the knowledge and skills you need. Just be prepared to feel like a retard for a while because they don't really teach you anything useful at sheppard. Maintenance is a completely different world from what you are accustomed to. Be prepared to catch a lot of crap about your previous career field. Most of the transfers we get in here are just off other airframes so they know the game already. Just try not to take anything too personal, it can be a pretty tough crowd. Practice swallowing your pride because you will have to submit yourself to the training and guidance of lower ranking airmen because they are the ones who are out there everyday performing the tasks you will need to learn. if you get out there and show a willingness to learn and work hard you will do just fine. I have been here at dyess going on five years so if you want anymore detailed info just hit me up.
  2. Lol, nothing like doing a 15 day every other BPO. When I was there it dropped from 15 to ten, and then ten to 7. We still only did it every 15 days though:) Too bad your production wont stand up for you about the troop seats. Lol, maybe you should have atoc give the pax comfort surveys to complete when they get on the bus. Im sure they would all say the same thing regardless of how many seats were jacked up--crowded, hot, and bumpy.
  3. Can someone enlighten me with some history on these "Greybirds"? I heard an old FE call my plane that one time and I know it has to do with their mission at Yakota requiring them to have no markings but thats about all the details I have.
  4. Had this problem on my bird last year--as I recall it ended up being a bad check valve.
  5. Sorry, I was referring to the bolts.
  6. This incident occurred last August. Damage was noted during pre I's and E's inspection. Upon further inspection we found extensive damage throughout the rest of the engine. Investigators determined that damage had to come from two after body screws that were found to be missing. I was hesitant to accept this explanation because I just dont see how they could have ended up in the intake. I have seen afterbody screws back out before and I usually find them down in the oil pan. My supervision was more focused on pointing the finger at us crew chiefs so they automatically assume human error in that we should have seen those screws missing two days earlier during a combo. I am curious if any of you guys have ever encountered damage like this from after body hardware.
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