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  1. Steve, I can't imagine a time when an approximate RPM would be useful at all. So we are in agreement, the Tach Generator could not read 100% given the higher drive RPM? Has anyone ever used the Tach Generator on the front side of the SSC, and is that what the pad on it was designed for?

  2. Hold on a minute. Seeing as I never had to swap the Tach Generator to the Speed Switch, how can it "translate" two different input RPMs (1020/4215) into 100% RPM?

  3. Please...Please...Correct me if I am wrong, I have been kicking myself about this for a while now: The ADH's RPM is that of the RGB, 1020RPM. It has to be, seeing that the Speed Sensing Control is an alternate mounting site for the Tach Generator, 1020RPM = 100% RPM. Why then, when setting the 94% switch on the Speed Sensing Contol, would we set it to activate between 3830RPM and 3930 RPM?

  4. If your turbine is high time, the nozzle could be the issue. Each hole in the nozzle of the turbine is like a small venturi; if they erode, your turbine loses performance, and will not cool at the same rate. This allows to much flow across the turbine wheel, and not the compressor of the turbine.

    If your turbine is low time, shimming between the nozzle and the turbine wheel can often times be the culpurit. Either way, just because your turbine is spinning fine, and sucking, fine, it could be low in performance.

    The only real way to tell if your turbine is performing at an optimum level, you would need to perform a functional test on it. We check ours for turbine inlet air pressures and temps, vs turbine outlet pressures and temps, fan inlet and outlet pressures and temps, and so on and so on...

  5. Hey chief,

    Just out of curiosity, where have you found the Saudi jobs? I am asking because a while back I was looking into the same thing, through a website called Jobsabroad.com. I was a little skeptical, to say the least.

  6. Can anyone provide servicing instructions for both cargo and flight deck cooling turbines? I'm talking 203430-4-1, and 2037203-1, turbines. Type and quantity of oil used, guidelines for time between oil changes and overhauls, and possibly IAW what USAF technical data?

  7. Can anyone provide a list of all active duty Air Force Bases with C-130's? I have heard it has changed since I got out in 2004, via the force restructuring.

  8. Has anyone ever dealt with, or have any information on, International Staffing Group and their C-130 jobs in Saudi Arabia? I am very much interested in working on Hercs again, but on the civilian side!

    If you check out their website, it doesn't seem very professional, and it makes me wonder what I would be getting myself into. I thought I have seen in some people's bios that they are working and living in Saudi, and am hoping to gain a little insight. Thanks.

    Check it out...


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