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  1. Hi Folks, I'm currently planning a new module, the fuel-management. Can anybody help me with the question why the fuel management panel of a J-model (the one with the rotary switches and digital readouts) has only one tank selector? What is that rotary switch controlling? I dont find anything about a fuel selector in the public available schemata. Regards Thomas If anybody ist interested in the current status of my sim: https://c130-sim.weebly.com/
  2. Hi folks, thank you so far, unfortunatly i cant read the text in the thumbnail... @ SEFEgeorge: Maybe you can send me high res scans via PM? Thanks! Nobody with some hints concernings the cursor device?
  3. Hello everybody, every now and then raises a question, which I am unable to solve with the available resources in the internet. There come my friends in this forum... :-) Flap lever: Does the flap lever have idents? Why ist the flap lever mounted so far aft in the center pedestal? On pictures of the 130J cockpit it looks very uncomfortable/unergonomic to handle the lever. Cursor device: Looks like a fixed joystick....what is the purpose of the cursor device? Are there any cursors used in th MFDs? What are the functions of the buttons? Coolie hats? Are there buttons on lower side (aka firebutton)? Thanks in advance, greetings from Bavaria and an joyous 2014 Regards Thomas
  4. Hi Folks, could anyone please provide informations about the Mode Select Panel and the Annunciator Panel - see attached pic. I could not find out from the available pictures the function of the two annunciators? in the mode select panel and i couldn't find informations about the annuciator panel - what kind of information is displayed? I want to build the panels, so I would need specific informations about the displays Regards Thomas actual state of the simulator: http://www.thomas-heinke.de
  5. Thank You, HerkyBirds are great! Greetings from Bavaria Thomas
  6. Thanks folks, but why two? Is there any operational need to turn on only say the right side lights? Why not only one switch for the landinglights (both sides) and both the taxi lights?
  7. Hi Folks, can anyone tell me, why the C-130 has two switches each for the landing and taxi lights? Regards! Thomas www.thomas-heinke.de
  8. Hi, could anybody provide a pic or detailed information on what is displayed on the EICAS (is that the right name?) display? Pics in the web are mostly in low res, so there is no chance to magnify something - see attachment.... Regards and the best wishes for 2011! Thomas Edit: In the past I got help within hours or few days - is the question not appropriate? Does nobody know? Rated content?
  9. Hi I can read Take off and flight idle, but not the words between - can you help? And of course, tonite I will drink a local franconian (Franconia is a separatistic part of bavaria beer for you - Prost!!
  10. Hi Folks, another question, this time concerning the throttle unit. What is the function of the 4 buttons on the throttle cover? Are they illuminated? Can anybody tell me the lettering between the levers? Greets and regards from Bavaria Thomas watch my website http://www.thomas-heinke.de for pics
  11. Hi Folks, new questions about the C-130J: Autothrottle: How and where is the autothrottle function disengaged? Trimming: Where and how is trimming done? Is there anywhere a manual trimwheel? Last question for tonight: Does the C-130J have spoilers? Sorry for eventually dumb questions, but the only source of information are pictures in the web and this forum. (great source!! ) Thanks and greetings from Bavaria/Germany Thomas www.thomas-heinke.de
  12. Hi guys, nearly one year ago i asked some questions concerning the functions of the landing gear/lights module of an C130J and got great help from you guys! Thank you! Now the first built module is ready for assemby :-) Well, this is not lightspeed and with this kind of progress this project will accompany me in my retirement, but tha doesn't matter. Its fun an not profession. Thanks to all and I will post further questions if necessary! Greets from Bavaria The Progress will be documented at www.thomas-heinke.de
  13. Thanks a lot guys! So let me put together what I learned from you: - The indicator lights on the right side illuminate only if the lights are not fully retracted - the motor switch is a 3 position switch and moves the retractable landing lights Open question: Is it right that the landing light switches are equipped with green LEDs? Landing gear section: - The handle is just an up/down handle and is illuminated red when the gear is in transition - the indicators go green when the landing gear is down and locked. - the gear handle is locked when Weight On Wheels is detected and released when no weight on wheels is detected. - the lock release button is to override the wow-signal question: can anybody describe me a situation when wow is detected and I want to override that signal??
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