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  1. I took all of the pics on the internet & I demand anyone claiming otherwise prove they took the pic. Only then will I give them credit. I want all pics to immediately be edited to add my screen name on them for proper credit.

    The two problems with digital photography are the whole sharing/fair use concept and the fact it is virtually impossible to prove when a digital image is taken - it\'s not like you have the original negatives of the film. For free/fair usage, if you didn\'t intend to share it, why is it on the internet in the first place - credited or not?

    Digital images & the internet have severely muddied copyright law - particularly with respect to \"fair use\" rules. The generally accepted \"fair use\" rules are that if it\'s in the public domain, you can use it if you\'re not making money from it. Now, there are many reams of legalese surrounding all of this, and many interpretations, but that\'s what\'s being enforced by the courts.

    Bob & Casey - you guys could successfully fight this guy if you wanted to, but it would be a huge legal hassle with lawyers and money. It simply isn\'t worth it. But to be honest, if you\'re not earning money on his image, most copyright lawyers won\'t even take it on - nothing in it for them.

    For the future, you can add a simple disclaimer to the gallery along the lines of:

    \"All images copyright of original photographer. No commercial use allowed without written permission of original copyright owner. Any copyright owners who wish explicit credit may contact webmaster.\"

  2. There is a heavily redacted public report - literally reading between the lines, looks like unguided rocket and/or light cal AAA. Regardless, the report specifically mentioned an explosive overpressure in the outboard tank consistent with a round hitting it followed by an explosion. So regardless of what exactly hit it, the fact they didn\'t have ESF was a contributing factor to the loss of the outboard section of wing and subsequent crash...

  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/wiltshire/7324341.stm

    The Coroner\'s Inquest into the loss of XV179 has begun. The Board of Inquiry found that ESF may have prevented the loss. The Coroner\'s Inquest will examine that possibility thoroughly.

    Here in the US, there is no equivalent to a Coroner\'s Inquest - the closest thing is probably a grand jury. The coroner has incredible power during his investigation & his charge is to find the cause of the death.

    This isn\'t Quincy, ME like we think of when we think of coroner, it\'s something entirely different.

    I lost a few friends in that crash - I hope they receive fair representation.

  4. I use imperial and standard (SAE) interchangeably to mean non-metric myself!

    While on exchange, the RAF had recently (the year prior) changed their fuel & weight to Kg/Tonnes. What a nightmare for me - the FE would tell me, \"We weight 54 Tonnes, lad\" - what does that mean?!?! I got real good at going from Tonnes to pounds (easy - x2+10%), but not the other way \'round! ;)

  5. Whitworth...the size of the wrench was the size of the shank of the bolt. So a 5/16\" bolt here has a 1/2\" head & uses a 1/2\" wrench - WW would be a 5/16\" wrench!

    Got a set for my old Norton project - took me a while to figure it out & no guarantees I\'m right either!!! Just what it appears to be.

  6. I agree. We waited until we were safely airborne, with plenty of speed, and continued our analysis. We concluded that ours was likely a false indication, but elected to shut it down to be conservative as we were in the local home-drome pattern. We waited until established on a slightly extended final, kept a bit of excess speed (long runway below), and then we shut it down.

  7. This is rumor, mind you, and old rumor at that, that the J-model stick-shaker system is really a stick pusher system mandated by FAA due to excessively high AOA (which in turn was caused by increased airflow as you mention) during certification testing.

    Any J-model bubbas out there that can clarify?

    As for the multi-bladed props, I heard Snow\'s stuff was originally stiff-armed by USAF due to very high Vmca...again, rumor, but it wouldn\'t surprise me...

  8. SOF CWB is stronger. 85K EBH instead of 38/45K. It is also about 1000lbs heavier.

    As mentioned, starting this year the J-model will be getting the SOF CWB.

    Guaranteed that 0011 is NOT getting an H CWB... ;)

    HeyChief is a lot smarter on this than I am...he\'s one of them there \"insiders\" ;)

  9. T2 gets a SOF CWB - that was 0011 you saw (T2 getting CWB) - the first in the contract (1212 got Jockey 14 CWB).

    J-model from this year on will get SOF CWB, so while you can call what the T2 is getting a J CWB, in reality, the J is getting SOF CWB. ;)

  10. I think Boeing sat on its fat arse assuming the deal was theirs...

    The more I read about all of this, the more I agree that the NG/EADS offers more performance. Now, I don\'t know jack about the MX side of it, nor the life-cycle of these airplanes, so I think that should play in as well.

    Here\'s a different viewpoint than the \'woe is me\' Boeing version...granted, it\'s the WA Post, but...


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