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  1. I was digging around in the ol' computer looking for one thing and came across something else, I had forgotten all about. Every now and then we get started on the topic of VA and the broken compensation program. Some time ago there was a guy by the name of Jim Strickland who ran a web site called "The A to Z Guide: Veterans Disability Benefits". This site operates hand in glove with another site, "VA Watchdog". Both of these resources are excellent!!!!


    I've attached a document I down loaded from one of those sites and you will find it interesting and entertaining!!!!!!!



    Jim Strickland lettter.doc

  2. It's a good thing I just phoned MTCrewchief! It's hard to keep track of yoos guy's talkin' about me behind of my back!!!!!!!!

    But, hey, Im from Wisconsin and we know all about cows, bulls, sheep, and even a chicken or two!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. 46 year old memories being what they are, I'm afraid I can be of no help with your specific questions, however, I do remember a bit of my involvment in ABCCC. I do not recall any aircraft tail numbers but the 776th was involved with ABCCC in 1966, out of CCK. The module was loaded at CCK and the aircraft was stationed "in country" at Danang. I do not recall a crew chief with the aircraft, as early in 1966 the 776th was still OMS. The assigned crew chief may well have stayed at CCK. Airman Norman Plantz and I were sent TDY to Danang with the aircraft and worked 12 hour shifts 7 days a week for the month that the aircraft was assigned ABCCC. At the end of the month that plane rotated back to CCK, being replaced by another, fresh, aircraft. I remember it being quite easy duty as the aircraft was airborn almost all the time. It returned more than once with an engine shut down and prop feathered and had been that way for several hours. I also remember that stress cracks on the skin being a big problem.

    One thing about this site: it facilitates the rememberance of days long long ago........

  4. Hope this is not too far off the thread, but I was dead set against computers and satallite comunications in semi truck applications, but once I got used to the technology I found that my work days were much improved. Company issued cell phones: not so much!!!!

  5. Can't speak for anyone else, but I didn't take offense, in fact had the same thing happen to me awhile back. I finally found my very best friend only to be told by his daughter that he had died the year before. I cried for three days: we were that close in Vietnam.

    To close on a lighter not: I did manage to find my next bestest Nam friend about three years ago, and although he lives 1300 miles away, we get together at least twice a year! Neither one of us is in the best of health any more so it's always a big deal when we do get together!!!!!

    Not to belabor the subject, but it has also been a real thrill for me to meet, in person, two of the friends that I've made right here on this forum. Two of the finest men I'll ever know: MTCrewchief and Giz!!!!!!!!!! :)

  6. No offense taken ol' buddy!!!!!!

    I'm still looking for James (Jody) Wilcoxson. He was one of the original several dozen troops assigned to Pope just as Pope was getting in the new C-130s. He cross trained to loadmaster and I saw him only once after that. This was in 1964, and Jody was probably a lifer. It wouldn't surprise me if he ended up in Alaska. I'm really hoping that some day somebody will get us in touch!!!!!!!

    tinwhistle (Chris)

  7. Ken,

    I emailed Becky just after she posted her plea for help, but I haven't heard from her. Don't have enough information from her post to know exactly where they are at in thier claim process to be of any help. As most of us know that have been through the process, it is long and frustrating. Right now, all I can do is hope everything is O.K. I hate to say this, but there comes a point in the claims process where letters, endorsements, pictures and so forth simply don't carry any weight. The claiment either has the proper military documentation or they don't. If they don't, then the claim just got very difficult to accomplish.


  8. This has been a wonderful year for me, starting out meeting and spending a few days with my (now) good friend, and mountain guide, MTcrewchief, also meeting and visiting with Giz and his wife over dinner. What a super guy! Both of my new friends are terrific people, and I look forward to spending more time with them in 2013!!!!!!!!

    As if making new friends wasn't enough, I met up with a very old and dear friend. She is old, fat, ugly, and on "crutches" now, but what a reunion with old #877!!!!!!!

    I have been truly blessed this year and I want to send a very Blessed Christmas greeting to all of you out there. This community of C-130 folks means a great deal to me!!!!!! Special greetings go out to Casey: your hard work at this site is "over the top"!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you.....tinwhistle (Chris)

  9. Well Giz

    There is another way of looking at it. The State of Maryland realized they have a serious backlog problem (whatever the cause), therefore contracted with another state (which doesn't have a backlog), to help out. I know that a few of the Western States, that don't have a heavy veterans population are handling a lot of out of state claims, simply because they have the time and man power. Sooooo, you may be further ahead than you think!!!!!!

    There, now, don't you feel better?!?!


  10. I called my youngest son today (he lives in CA., our home is WI.), and had him check out this video. He just emailed me; "Awsome video, awsome song!!!!" I went back to view it again, this time listening to the song; it is an awsome combination!!!


  11. Gentlemen,

    Hey Giz, I certainly understand where you're coming from, and the same for RomeoDelta. When it comes to VA C&P it is, as I said earlier; a crap shoot. However, I was more interested in passing along information to Beth and her husband, Ben. I had emailed her several days ago but haven't heard back, so without any more information I thought I'd at least point them is some direction. I've been there, where they are, and it's really fustrating when you don't know where to turn next. I'm still waiting to hear from her; it's virtually impossible to help if I don't know all the details!!!!

    Becky, if you're out there, or anyone out there that wants good, solid advice, guidance, and no BS there is a web site you need to check out. Veterans Benefits: The A to Z Guide. It's good; use it!!!!!!

    tinwhistle (Chris)

    P.S. Giz...you may rant any time you want..................

  12. I've contacted Becky but she hasn't gotten back to me yet. She has a lot of information in her post, but unfortunately it is rather ambigous. RomeoDelta, you are correct, the VA needs to make this right. We all know what the missions in Vietnam were like and we all know very well that all to many Vietnam Veterans have earned compensation. However, you are also correct in stating that "the VA is not our friend". We must be our own advocate. That is why is is so difficult to give advice concerning thier plight. Much more information is needed. For instance; have they contacted thier CVSO? As you mentioned, the VVA, VFW, etc. If the information that Betty has presented us here is accurate there is nothing to indicate that her husband actually had "boots on the ground". I know, I know, thats Bull ****, but VA makes the rules and unfortunately we have to play by thier rules. This not to say that they can't win this thing, but the very first thing they have to do is to prove the "boots" thing, and without knowing all the details and the documents they have it's a tough nut to crack!

    Chris (tinwhistle)

  13. You all remember the story of how, with the help from a buddy on this forum, I located and subsequently visited my old aircraft 877 down in Peoria IL. I took a ton of pictures of the activities on the flight line that evening, and I was just now going through them again and I think that this one is my favorite. I'm sure that all you crew chiefs out there (past and present) know of the bond between the "chief" and his bird. I love this image. How many times, I wonder, did I stand at the nose of 877 waiting for the bus to bring out the flight crew?

    The flight line is quiet, we stand there with our thoughts, hand on "our plane", almost a carress.

    tinwhistle (Chris)

  14. Don't mean to hijack this thread, but when I took my discharge from U.S.A.F. in 1967 little did I know that 45 years later such things as the name "Pope" would not only bring back a lot of memories, but such meaningful memories. My first permenant assignment was Pope AFB, Fayetteville N.C. Saw my first C-130 there, sat in the left seat for the first time at Pope, made my first aircraft repair at Pope. Arrived there very early 1964, but spent very little time there as I was fortunate enough to be selected to go along on a lot of the TDY's from Pope, until we did the CCK thing, then never saw the "Pea Patch" again. But Pope holds a lot of wonderful memories for me and I'm super glad to see "new blood" (the C-130J) being assigned there!

    Pardon an old man's walk down memory lane!!!!!


  15. I hesiteted for a few days before adding my thoughts. I do have a tendency toward hyperboll and thought I'd think before typing. My story is very much like those told here. Mostly ignored my SEA/Vietnam service, and when pressed I simply said it was early in the war and there wasn't much going on. As mentioned earlier, once retired from 30 years of driving a "big rig" my military service has come back to stay! I've been a part of the VA medical system for a few years now and that really made a "Vietnam veteran" out of me. However, what has really made me proud of my Vietnam War service was the discovery of my old aircraft in Peoria this past September, and the VIP treatment my wife and I received while there. Those new generation of USAF personell were truely interested in hearing all about me, my airplane, and they hung onto every word of the couple war stories I told. One of the young APs at the gate stoped me on the way in the second trip through the gate asking if I was the guy who served in Vietnam with that airplane in the park. Turns out that both of his grandfathers served in the South Vietnam Army, and he wanted to say "Thank You"! Came close to tears. So after nearly 50 years (can it really have been that long ago?) I can say with pride that I am a Vietnam War Veteran!

    To all of you Vietnam Vets out there: Welcome home and job well done.....

    tinwhistle (Chris)

  16. I hate to ask this question, but the fact is, I do not know what all the acronyms mean that you guys are throwing around.

    AFSOC, ACC, AMC, SOC ?????

    Some time ago AMC stood for American Motors Corp. and was the home of the Studebaker automobile, but something tells me that is not the case here......


    PS glad you are feelong better Dan!

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