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  1. Gmon wrote:

    You cant be too sure of how much is in the propeller unless you serviced a dry prop.

    Absolutely correct! Yet given that I get around 50 dry props a year, 40 of them take 6gal of fluid, 8 will take 5gal 2qrt, and the remaining 2 will take up to 7gal. The only consistant thing being the point at which the feather cutout switch actuates, and when the low light goes off (if the level switch is functional). So the end result is, you can do whatever you like, as long as it is IAW applicable TO or MM. You need to be sure in your mind that there is sufficient fluid in the prop - it is your signature/stamp in the forms, therefore your @ss is on the line.

    It is my experience that a prop serviced now, checked as overserviced (atmospheric sump), 10 minutes into the run suddenly has low oil light, and will take another 2 - 3 qrts; or, standing overnight will be low the next day. Each prop is different and needs to be treated as such.

    I feel more comfortable using the pressurized sump, because I often work alone.

  2. Madmax, we have over the last +-2years had a rash of float switch failures. Zero time intalled during prop overhaul or build-up, fails in test cell, or shortly after prop installation on the wing, or after replacement. These float switches are a very unreliable design

  3. B) Antonovs and Ilyushins also have an unfortunate tendency to suffer from decelration trauma, due to poor maintenance and lack of parts. They\'ve been taking a beating in Africa recently, where the Antonovs have been completely banned in DRC airspace. So somehow this must also be the fault of the US:unsure: :unsure: :unsure:

  4. I believe NATOPS called it right. I fitted the new cooler today, and temperature maxed out at 84°C after 20mins at 1000°C TIT.

    FYI engine has 1750hrs, vibes are 0.6, 0.5 & 0.7 resp. for turbine, compressor and RGB. No SOAP.

    Being paranoid doesn\'t mean they aren\'t out to get you :P . I have been told I\'m very picky about what\'s acceptable and what\'s not in the cell. I just like to get it as close to perfect as I can. The oil system is acknowledged the most difficult system to troubleshoot, which is why we should go the extra mile when problems occur.

    Thanx for your input guys. Really appreciated

    Have a great day


  5. Hi guys

    I got a problem I need your thoughts with. Recently one of our birds twice turned back after oil temperature exceeded +-90°C at altitude.

    History: The aircraft just completed ISO, and post-dock runs had oil temps getting up to 100°C at ground idle. OAT was in mid 40\'s. Two different oil coolers were fitted, and oil tank was drained and serviced with new oil. After this it was released.

    The next mission off base the in-flight problem occurred, and the engine was removed for test cell evaluation.

    In the Cell I started by draining all the oil from tank, RGB, ADH, oil cooler, and motoring the engine to empty all the oil hoses and tubes, and changed all filters.

    I then serviced the tank, and motored the engine to refill hoses, tubes and filters, and then refilled the tank. I noticed that the quantity had gone down about 3 gallons during motoring. I then started up and proceeded to do a back-pressure run at 900°C TIT. Only the Fuel Heater back pressure was high at 15psi, but the temperature did go up to 93°C. Immediately after shutdown I checked the oil temperature in the tank with a digital thermometer, and confirmed 93°C. Also the oil qty had increased by 2gallons over the prestart qty.

    The next day, I motored the engine again before starting, and noted the qty dropped by 2 gallons. I fitted all the panels, started up and accelerated to 900°C TIT. I ran the engine for 30mins and the temperature went up to 92°C. I throttled back to flight idle for 10 mins and the temperature dropped to 85°C. I then accellerated to 1000°C TIT. Oil temp after 30mins was 97°C, and I also noticed that the lighthouse pressure had increased slowly from 3\"Hg to 4\"Hg. Oil qty after shutdown was the same as before motoring.

    I then changed the turbine scavenge pump, as it appeared to be a poor scavenge system causing retained oil to overheat. When I removed the pump, I found the \'O\'-ring on the spline shaft had completely carbonized. The oil temp dropped by 2°C, and the qty during the run was 1/2gal higher than before. I then changed the #2/#3 bearing scavenge pump, but only got 1°C improvement, and no qty improvement. I then decided to go for broke, and had the PS main oil pump and figure 8 seal changed, and had the turbine removed to inspect the oil tube seals inside the lighthouse. These seals were also carbonized.

    Today, after motoring qty was only 1 gallon down - normal. I started up, went to 900°C TIT. After 30 mins, oil temp went 87°C. After 10 mins at flight idle, temp went down to 80°C. At 1000°C TIT, temp went up to 89°C. Also the qty during the run was only 1.25gal below prestart qty, and no increase in lighthouse pressure.

    So, big improvement all round. But I still feel that the temperature should be somewhat lower. I have received a brand new, out-of-the-factory oil cooler, which I will install tomorrow, and give it the works .

    Any ideas and/or suggestions from you would be welcome.

    Thanx. Have a great day


  6. According to the 2-11, run the prop feather to full reverse 2-3 times. On the last reverse cycle hold the condition in air start, while the outsider removes atmospheric dipstick, then move throttle to ground idle. Replace dipstick while running aux motor for 10 seconds. Remove dipstick and check for fluid. Full mark is +-1 inch off the bottom.

    (From memory a long time ago .....) Pressurized sump - feather the prop and wait for pressure to deplete. Check dipstick for quantity. If no dipstick available, use a 6\" screwdriver and feel for the ridge inside the well. If you remove the screwdriver and it has fluid you have sufficient.

    For me the pressurized sump was always the easier and more accurate way .....

    BTW, the Navy P3\'s use a low pressure switch on the pumps to determine prop oil qty

  7. Thanx Casey and Bob

    Unfortunately 90% of my plane pics (including ALL my Herk pics) were lost to a HDD failure 5 years ago - so I\'m collecting again.

    You guys have done an outstanding job in the few weeks this site has been running.

    Have a great day.


  8. My apologies ..... Gallery: Non-US Operators, and Civilian Operators

    [img size=640]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/SAAFHerc_401_01r.jpg

    SA Air Force #401

    SAAF Tail No\'s and Construction No\'s

    C-130B / BZ (Original)

    401 c/n 3724

    402 c/n 3749

    403 c/n 3750

    404 c/n 3764

    405 c/n 3765

    406 c/n 3767

    407 c/n 3769

    C-130B (ex-USAF)

    408 c/n 3526

    409 c/n 3530

    C-130F (ex-USN)

    410 c/n 3636

    411 c/n 3660

    412 c/n 3696

  9. Hi Casey

    Went to look for operators, and found you were a couple short. South African Air Force operates 9 C130B\'s which were recently upgraded to BZ with full glass cockpits. 7 were origionally purchased around 1961 - 1963, and are still in service. Another 2 B\'s and 3 F\'s were obtained from US Navy in mid 90\'s. F\'s had too much corrosion and were never brought into service. http://www.saairforce.co.za/the-airforce/aircraft/22/c-130bbz-hercules

    SAFAIR is a commercial aviation company and has used C130\'s for many years. They do still operate several L100-30\'s. http://www.safair.co.za/index.php?option=3&id=1&com_id=61&parent_id=48&com_task=1

    Then, of course, Saudi Arabia is still operating a mixed bag of C130E/H/H-30 & L100-30

    [img size=500]http://herkybirds.com/images/fbfiles/images/HZ128.jpg


  10. I had one last year doing the same thing. After second (zero time) PLR we started seriously examining the prop, and found the seating area in the barrel nut to be worn. We changed the barrel nut and problem immediately went away. Basically, the barrel nut had been reworked too many times and the seals couldn\'t hold pressure any more.

    About 6 weeks ago another one refused to lock. On investigation we found the PLR index rings to be badly placed. The real reference mark was almost invisible, and another had been made one tooth away ......

    As a rule, I always use 98% rpm as minimum torque reference. First attempt from 850TIT, second attempt from 925TIT, last attempt from take-off/1077TIT. I have had successfull pitchlocks as low as 103.4% rpm on first attempt.

  11. Hi guys

    I just received this scam e-mail. This is a new twist on the usual garbage from the Nigerians .....

    Dear Friend,

    I am captain James .W. Brian in the US Marine Corps on Monitoring and Peace keeping mission in Baghdad-Iraq. The reason why am explaining my finding to you is to seek for your assistance to enable you contributes immensely to the actualization of my dreams. On the 8th day of January 2007, we were alerted on the presence of some terrorist\'s hideouts in Haifa Street, a long thoroughfare of high-rise buildings built by Saddam Hussein here in Baghdad.

    After Immediate intervention by the Iraqi forces and ours, we were able to capture many foreign Arab fighters linked to al Qaeda in that operation and over 100 militants were killed on the process. Among the Arab fighters linked to al Qaeda two were interrogated by two of our intelligent investigators and I. They confessed that some of them are fighters for al Qaeda and some are for Ayman al-Zawahiri and they took us to some of their hideout which runs along the west bank of the Tigris River that cuts through the capital.

    When we invaded into the hideout, we recovered several guns, amour including some boxes among which two contains bullets, one filled with hard drugs (heroine)and the other two to my amazement contain some US Dollars which we assumed amounted to $23.2M after I and two of the intelligent investigators counted them and it took us over 4 hours to get it counted. I however instructed them to keep this in high secrecy so that we can have the money to ourselves, they all agreed to the plan and they replied to me on how I can get this huge sum out of this country and I told them that its no problem. This motivated me to connive with my best friend in our force who went with me and the two other officers to keep the boxes in a safer place.

    I am now in keen need of a \"Reliable and Trustworthy\" person like you who would receive, secure and protect these boxes containing the US Dollars for me until my assignment elapses here. I assure and promise to give you 10% of this fund, however feel free to negotiate what you wish to have as your percentage in this deal.

    Please assure me of your keeping this topmost secret to protect my job with the US Monitoring and Peace-Keeping mission. Please do reply via my alternative and private email address:

    [email protected]

    My Sincere regards,


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