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  1. Good Morning, Had an interesting few days before Easter weekend. An old load buddy, Mick McGlothlin, and his wife were traveling from S. Fla. Back to S. Dakota. They stopped near Atlanta to have lunch and began talking to a man at the table next to them. As it turns out, his father TSgt. Bob Edmond was an engineer on A models out of Naha. They left on a mission and never returned. He, his two brothers and mom never could find out what happened to him, even after contacting The Pentigon several times. Mick gave me his phone number, and I called him. He gave me as much info as he had. I posted the info here, and Bob Daley responded within hours with what happened. Called his son, Eric, the next morning to describe the mission and what happen. They had left Naha that day to pick up a band at Yakota. About 2000' from the end of the runway the cockpit filled with smoke. The bleet air system failed and caught the hydraulic reservoir on fire. They tried to go around, but lost two engines and had to ditch. This was AC Bod Little's first flight as an AC.

    They ditched in an ocean trench off the end of the runway which is 15,000 to 20,000 ft. deep. The plane was not recoverable. This mission was on April 10, 1970. This was the first Easter in 45 years that may have some closure by knowing what happened to her husband and their dad. Bob, thank you for responding so fast. Pat Wylie, 37TAS, Loadmaster, '70 to '74.

  2. Bob, I saw where you tried to fax the information. Confused as to why it wouldn't come through. Please mail them to Pat Wylie, 802 Simmons Ave., Summerville, SC. 29483, and I'll foward them.

    thanks, Pat Wylie

  3. Bob, I've given to phone # to the family to get the information, and they will take it from here. I hope you know how happy that his wife and 3 boys are to finally have some closure after 45 years. Thanks to you and Mick McGothlin for helping with this.

    Ill take time time to post the whole story soon.

    Sorry that I high jacked this thread.

    Pat Wylie, Loadmaster, 37 TAS, Langley AFB, 1970-74.

  4. Thanks Bob. Fax is down until Friday evening. Could you email it to [email protected]? I'll call his son Eric today, and let him know. Fax number is 843-821-3757 and will be working Friday evening.

    This information will mean a lot to Eric, his mom and brother. They have never been able to find any info. as to what happened.

    Pat Wylie

  5. Guys, called a young man today, Eric D. Edmond, that is looking for information about his father, Billy Frank Edmond. Billy, and his crew, never returned form a mission on April 10, 1970. Billy was an engineer flying out of Kadena. It was an all volunteer mission. From what I understand, he had been in for 19 years, and he may have been a Chief. I told him that if we could find out what happened that he, his bother and mother would most likely happy, sad and most importantly proud of his accomplishments. I asked that he join this site to receive as much info as we can find. Please help look into this. Pat Wylie. 843-696-9136 cell.

  6. John Harris lost his battle with cancer last night.

    John was my Form F instructor at Sheppard, in 1970. He shipped out to SEA, and then to Langley. He always filled out the form by hand. No calculator or slip stick.

    Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.

    Pat Wylie

  7. While on rotation to south East Asia, I missed my first Christmas away from home. I was sitting on a grassy knoll over looking the ramp at NKP. I was thinking and praying about my family and friends back home. It was a tough morning. My AC, Skip Davenport, walk up behind me and gave me a Red Cross gift bag. It was filled with goodies (love) and a wonderful letter from a small elementary school in Texas. The letter thank me and wished me a Merry Christmas. It meant so much that I'll always cherish it.

    Well, Clebe McClary, who was Ralph H. Johnson's platoon leader in a battle that won Ralph a CMH, ( the VA Hospital in Charleston is honored with his name) has started a group called "Love in a Box". All you have to do is is fill them with love and goodies and send it on to a warrior. You can order these boxes from the USPS for free by calling 1800-610-8734.

    Please consider doing this. It meant so much for me back in the day.

    By the way, Clebe lost his arm and an eye in that battle. Check out the LIAB FB page.

  8. I just found out that one of our Form F instructors, at Sheppard AFB, has had a stroke. He was at Sheppard in the early '70's. When John left Sheppard, he transferred the the 37 TAS. He, also, did all his Form F's by hand, never using a slip stick!

    Please keep him in his prayers.

    Pat Wylie

  9. While seeing a group of 6 loads last week, we all took notice of all the Agent Orange aliments we have. We came up with the idea to call ourselves members of "The Sprayed Roach Club".

    What do y'all think?

  10. Just spent four days with 6 Loads from the '70s at Hilton Head Island, SC. All were either in the 36th, 37th TAS or 4th AP. Mick McGlothlen, Greg (Jeep) White, Richard (Mountain Man) Kosteka, Dan McMullen, Don (Speed) Spaulding and me, Pat (Weasel) Wylie.

    Can't send pictures due the WPP. That's the Witness Protection Program.

  11. Just got a phone call from Bob Flowers, a retired 123 and C5 loadie. Bob is about 70 and has many ailments associated with AO. I took him to the VA in Sept. of 2011 to get him signed up. He just got word that he's 100%, and it's retroactive to Sept. 2011. He's floored!

    It's a good day.


  12. Giz, I remember Dale and Devitt. Never had Devitt give me a check ride, but he was always feared by most. I remember he wrote a sequence of a heavy airdrop that we all had to memorize. I bet I could recite most of it today, and it's been over forty years. Wonder we're Dale is now?

  13. Giz, Not his pig. The last time I saw this squealer it was headed out the front gate at TSN on a leash with the CP. Someone on this site said that they couldn't figure if it was his date or dinner. The CP was an Arkansas grad.

    Pat Wylie

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