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  1. Mike Langford Dallas TX

    Mike Roe Younkers NY

    Will Guidry Lafayette LA

    Steve Dillon Dallas

    Dennis Minder Southlake TX

    John Simon Keller TX

    Rudi Goldman Amsterdam

    Chris Daniels Sacramento

    Bob Craft Long Boat Key FL

    George Simons Beavercreek OH

    Don Asay Cincinatti area

    Tom Hanson Tacoma

    Skip Davenport OKC

    Jim Weir Tucson

    Reed Mulkey Deceased

    Bill "Steve" Stevens Deceased

    Bruce Ferrier Deceased

    Gene Chaney Deceased

    Birdie Brevig Deceased

    Dale Smith Abilene

    All I could think of with out my address book


    Pat Wylie, Summerville, SC

    Jeep White, Charleston, SC

    Mick Mcgolthlen, Guffey, CO

  2. I just saw a picture in the gallery in US Herk's album. It's the one that shows a monument with a prop blade and say, "Here I am, send me". Can someone tell me what this monument represents?

    Pat Wylie

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