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  1. Does anyone have the name and part number of the floor receptacles for the troop seat legs ?
  2. The utility hydraulic system keeps venting fluid into the drip tray during flight. It doesn’t appear to be bleeding through from the Aux system. I am a bit stumped any ideas ?
  3. combat donkey

    Some of my pics

    Some pics from my career
  4. I would have a look at the fuel nozzles. I have had this and removing the nozzles and cleaning them did the trick
  5. I worked with Doughy at Boscombe Down , I am glad to hear he is still around
  6. No condition levers on the J all done by the fadec. Just an on/off switch. Turn it off as it shuts down the prop will move towards feather as i said earlier then the prop aux feather pumps or t handles are used to move it to full feather position .
  7. The J prop moves towards feather on shutdown due to counter weights and lack of oil pressure. The prop blades are normally fully feathered on the ground to stop them windmilling in the breeze as the J has a free turbine design. The RAF aircraft are fitted with a prop brake but we still feather just in case.
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