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  1. Here is a link to Hi-Shear's website with all the fastener data for these BN's. Click on the highlighted link titled, " See Blind fasteners Flat Table" at the top RH of the page. http://www.lisi-aerospace.com/products/fasteners/blind-fasteners/Pages/default.aspx
  2. Another News link,,, http://www.msnewsnow.com/story/35851293/update-16-people-on-board-military-c-130-killed-in-leflore-county-plane-crash Semper Fi,,, RIP Devil Dogs
  3. "Chile has acquired two C-130 Hercules from U.S. Navy stockpiles",,,,STOCKPILES??? REALLY?? As if to suggest we have so many laying around the flight line, we're tripping over them. Be nice to have a "stockpile" of PARTS!!
  4. OK guys, I know the Herc can be flown with the APU removed, does anyone remember where the guidance is to do so? W/B adjustments, block-off panels, ect? MESM only speaks to flight with APU inop. I hate this getting old thing,,,
  5. OK guys, anyone run into this one before? Initially the desc. was for the sandby (wet) compass being off more than 5deg. It was replaced, the flt deck was checked for mag fields, and de-gaused. It then went to compass rose for verification, which it passed. On check flight, it was discovered that BOTH C-12's, AND the standby were reading off simultaneously, BUT only on certain headings, and the deviation was not the same from one to the other. INS's, GPS are rock solid. The desc. is intermittent, and deviations are not on the same headings each time, it always checks good on deck. Now the o
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